Apr 24, 2015

Skincare obsessions

I'm a skincare junkie.  I try everything and anything.  Here are some things that I've been using that I am OBSESSED with.

Apr 23, 2015

Seattle Event: Bartell Drugs Health and Beauty Event

I'd have to say that going to the drugstore is a favorite past time.  It sounds so silly but sometimes when I just need to get out of the house, I run to the drugstore and pick up some necessities but also peruse the makeup aisles.  I find myself at Bartell's at least once a week and so when they approached me about partnering with them about a health and beauty post, I was totally onboard!  I buy almost all of my drugstore makeup from Bartell's as they have the best selection and always great sales.  They asked me to see what I could get for $50 and since I shop there so often I already knew that I would be getting some good stuff!  Here's what I got all for under $50!
It's everything you need for day or night!  I've been all about these individual false lashes.  They are the best when you want just a hint of glam with your everyday makeup.  I got almost all of these products on sale which is why I love shopping at Bartell's! I can always find great deals on makeup.

Apr 22, 2015

Project Summer Body: Week Four

When the temperature starts rising, I naturally start to crave cold things. That’s great when it comes to frozen grapes (an amazing snack!) but not so great when it comes to gelato and ice cream.

That’s why this Project Summer Body post is going to be focused on the results we want. We all want to feel confident in adorable dresses that show off a lean, strong back, so that’s this week’s motivation for sticking to our goals.

Having a strong back isn’t just about vanity, it’s important to protect our spine. Working your back isn’t as hard as it sounds either. It’s easy to incorporate some moves in with your arm exercises, as long as you have a few weights. Watch and follow this video once for a run-through, but then start mixing two or three of the moves into your weights routine.

Apr 21, 2015

Makeup Steals for your Summer Beauty Look

Whenever I go to the drugstore to fill my prescription it seems to take forever, so I end up in the beauty aisles, of course. Drugstore brands release products more often than higher end brands, so there’s always something new to catch my eye. With summer coming up, update your beauty look with these budget-friendly picks.

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