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The Beauty Oils You Need Right Now

How to Use Beauty Oils

With my combination-oily skin type, venturing into the realm of beauty oils was a totally unexpected move. But since every trusted resource I turned to reassured me that I too, with my mid-day shine, could reap the benefits of facial oils, I had to give them a try. This was two years ago, and since then I haven’t looked back. If you haven’t caught onto beauty oils yet, you absolutely have to give them a go. Frankly, there’s no better…

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  • Her Campus College Fashion Week 2017

    My Experience at Her Campus™ College Fashion Week®

    Nowadays fashion weeks seem more accessible than ever with enabling technologies like social media and live-streaming creating access to runway moments for fashion-lovers everywhere. But there’s still nothing quite like sitting in for the real thing. Going to Her Campus™ College Fashion Week® in Boston…

  • Stylish Outfit ideas for Mommy Daughter

    10 Chic Outfit ideas for Moms on the go

      I wanted to share some stylish and chic outfit ideas for moms as I often get questions about how to stay stylish after having kids.  My style has definitely changed after becoming a mom and I do have way more lazy days than before…

  • Kopari Coconut Skincare

    Hanging onto Summer with Kopari Coconut Skincare

    I went apple picking a few weeks ago, and it really put me in the Fall spirit. Or maybe it was the smell of fresh-baked apple crisp wafting throughout our apartment afterwards. Either way, I was feeling ready for Fall when I first tried out…

  • Halloween Beauty Ideas

    Easy Halloween Makeup with Hard Candy

    Halloween makeup isn’t the most versatile, which is why it makes sense to save where you can and not think too hard about it. Here’s a little secret. Your favorite 90s makeup brand is pretty much guaranteed to have whatever you need this Halloween season.…

  • Healthy No Sugar Banana Bread – Perfect After School Snack!

    With 3 young children, bananas are a staple in our house.  A) Because they all love them, but B) Because my youngest loves to wake up at the CRACK of dawn on the weekends and insist, “I’m hungry!”  And it goes from “hungry” to “HANGRY”  with a quickness! …