Nov 21, 2014

Sales Sales Sales

Here's my weekly sale blog post and this time I've got three fab sales going on this weekend.  Of course the biggest shopping week is next week but it seems like retailers are getting ahead of the game with some fab sales up this weekend! 

continuing reading for sale details and my picks!

Nov 20, 2014

Gifts under $50!

Trying to get my holiday shopping done early this year.  I found a bunch of fabulous gifts and I'm stocking up, some to give and to be honest, some to keep for me!  Here are my top picks for gifts under $50!

Nov 19, 2014

Handbag Wishlist

Inspired by my previous post of the handbag giveaway, I had to re-visit my handbag wishlist.  I was actually shopping for a new bag this summer but could not settle on one.  I still haven't decided and am still shopping around.  It's so hard to decide especially since bags are usually such an investment I can't just make a quick decision!

Here are the ones I've been eyeing:

{hover over the image to take you to the product}
top left: YSL \\ Clare Vivier
top right: Chloe
bottom left: Phillip Lim \\ Ferragamo
bottom right: Prada \\ Prada

I adore mini bags and cross body bags especially when I'm heading out with my daughter.  It's nice to grab a small bag with just my necessities and not worry about carrying my daughter with a big ol bag on my shoulder.  I am leaning towards the YSL just because I saw it at Nordstrom and fell in love!  But the mini version of my Prada Saffiano tote is so cute!  I adore my Chloe bags and this crossbody is just the right size.  I still love gray bags and the Ferragamo is a beautiful classic bag that I know I would carry for many many years.

And because I can't get enough, here's more bags that I'm loving!  So many gorgeous options out there, I figure I better look at all my options before I commit to a new bag.

Handbag Giveaway!

I've got a fantastic giveaway to share with you guys today! Hammitt is a LA based luxury handbag company and they've partnered together with Stearns & Foster to create this gorgeous handbag. The best part is, Stearns & Foster is giving away 20 of these bags!

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