May 27, 2015

The Best Gifts for your Recent Grad

Whether it’s your niece who’s graduating high school or your best friend’s brother who’s graduating college, chances are you at least know of someone who is graduating this year. Although every grad knows that the most useful gift is green and comes in an envelope, it’s more fun sometimes to be the cool relative who gets just the right gift, wrapped in a mysterious package and fun ribbon.

May 26, 2015

Lookbook: Swing Tee

A favorite outfit that's been perfect for our beautiful weather!

May 25, 2015

Travel Essentials: What to bring in your carry on

Going to school across the country from home means I’m traveling cross-continentally at least a few times a year. I’ve learned to pack my bags like a pro, invest in a luggage scale, and pick the perfect airplane outfit.

May 22, 2015

Shoedazzle Christa Review

Last weekend, my friend Carolyn of Hey Pretty Thing invited me to a brunch she was hosting with Shoedazzle.  They sent me a pair of shoes to wear to the brunch.  They let me choose the style, so it wasn't a surprise, but the big surprise was that when they arrived, I fell in love!  I admit, I'm a bit of a shoe snob.  I do own a good amount of designer shoes and that's mainly because I find that they just tend to be more comfortable and in my opinion worth the price tag.  I've worn and kept most of my designer shoes way longer than any of my non designer brands so the investment is worth it in the long run.  However I haven't seen a design like these before and I've been mildly obsessed with tassels on bags and shoes lately so I chose these and I just had to share as they are now one of my favorite pair of shoes!

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