Dec 18, 2014

5 Must See Holiday Makeup Tutorials For Every Style

When it comes to watching YouTube videos, I tend to have a short attention span. Anything longer than 3 minutes will have me fast-forwarding through, and this is especially true of makeup tutorials. That said, YouTube beauty videos are the best for learning technique and getting inspired for looks.

Here we’ve done the work for you and narrowed down some of our favorite holiday-appropriate looks. Next time you have 15 minutes to get ready for your holiday get-together, check out one of these videos.

This softly smoked out eye makeup look and matte dark red lip combination from fashionista804 is the height of sophisticated glam for me. It can be a little intense for those who don’t wear that much makeup on a day-to-day basis, so if that’s the case, pick either the lips or eyes to copy. Since the overall look is pretty flat, I’d add some shimmer to your cheeks as a highlight so that you still look glowy in photos.

Desi Perkins is an extremely talented makeup guru. Her classic Hollywood look is very sleek and appropriate for even your most conservative office holiday party. Her step-by-step in this particular video is very helpful, though it does make the video longer than necessary for those who are already pros at blending, contouring, etc.

It’s worth watching Kasushai Beauty’s Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial for the lip lining technique alone. Then again, her lip color in this video is spot-on for a slightly edgy holiday look. This is the kind of makeup look I’d emulate for a holiday gathering with the girls, when I want to impress in the most stylish way.

Sometimes all you want in order to feel glamorous and done-up is a gorgeously put-together smoky eye. In that case, Lisa Eldridge’s classic smoky eye tutorial is a must-see. She really takes away the fear factor from this intimidating look by following up her instructions with some general tips to adapt the look to any face.

If you really want to play with your holiday makeup look, Carli Bybel’s tutorial features a dramatic eye makeup look with actual glitter. This would be the most difficult look for most people, since glitter is notoriously messy. Make sure you set aside enough time for clean up after you finish the eyes.

Which tutorial fit your style the best?

Dec 17, 2014

t+j Designs Holiday Lookbook

It's been SO crazy for me the past few weeks.  Holiday season is crazy just in general but as a retailer, we are insanely busy, which is a good problem to have of course!  I haven't been able to put together all the posts that I've been wanting to.  I've been in Chicago all last week to prep and attend the holiday event for my jewelry/clothing line which went amazing.  It's nice when people are able to touch and feel our items as it really makes a difference.  Being an online retailer is tough because most of our interactions with our customers are done over the computer or sometimes over the phone so to be able to actually talk to people who have shopped with us before or even to people who are just introduced to our line is so exciting for me! Of course, traveling during this season is not great and I came home with the flu.  I've been in bed for the past few days unable to do anything which is an awful feeling when you have a to-do list a mile long!  Anyway, just getting back into things and wanted to get a post up as I have missed blogging!

A few months ago I was in Chicago to shoot the holiday lookbook for t+j Designs and I wanted to share a few photos here as I'm so proud of how they turned out!

Dec 15, 2014

Holiday Gifting with Homemade Cookies

More than one of my fondest childhood holiday memories involves eagerly waiting for delicious treats to come out of the oven and taking turns mixing the dough. Baking is such a feel-good activity, and homemade sweets make great gifts.

These cookie recipes are fancier than your average chocolate chip cookie’s, but not that much more laborious to whip up. Grab some nice packaging and you’re all set for a thoughtful and delicious holiday present for literally anyone. Just make sure you check to see if your lucky recipient has any allergies first.

Dec 9, 2014

How to Add Glitter to Your Holiday Look

Too often the default for glitter can be tacky and cheap-looking. But for maximum impact this holiday party season, it’s really one of the best options. After all, it’s pretty tough to question the holiday spirit of a girl who’s sparkling with festivity.

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