After I changed my wedding to a destination wedding, I had to change the criteria of my dress. I previously wanted a beautiful lace gown like this Melissa Sweet gown.
I think it is a very beautiful indoor gown, but now that I knew I was getting married outside, I wanted something with a little bling, that would sparkle in the sun.
Destination brides also have a few more factors to think about like being able to take the dress with you on the plane, where they will store it on the plane (buy a seat just for your dress?!), how wrinkled it will get (will the hotel be able to steam it for you?) and also just the basic beach weather elements, how will the fabric take to sand, wind, salt, etc… I don’t want the dress to be too heavy, obviously because it will probably be a bit balmy in Jamaica and I don’t want to be uncomfortably hot. But also because I know I have to carry that baby all over the airport and some wedding dresses feel like they’re 15 pounds!
I came upon Jenny Yoo and found that she has a “Wedding Alternatives” collection that seem to be really good for destination brides. The dresses are all simply designed, but beautiful and appear to be very light weight. None of the dresses have trains on them, which is actually something that I want, but nonetheless there are a few that I would take into consideration for a cliffside wedding like mine.



For any one of these, adding a brooch, or even a sash with crystals sewn onto it, would give it just the right amount of sparkle. All of these dresses are available in other fabrics also, which I think is great idea.

The pricing in these dresses are really good, depending on what kind of fabric you want, it ranges from $400 – $900. A beautifully made wedding dress for under $1,000! I think that’s a very good deal. I’m still on my search for my gown, but these dresses have sparked an interest in me to find something that might just be an “alternative” and not a “true” wedding dress.

All of the Jenny Yoo dresses can be found here.

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