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Dressed to kill (or marry) :)

10:51 AM

I've been on a massive dress hunt since December. I have 2 dresses that really stand out in my head but I keep on telling myself that I need to keep looking. Here's the two:
Jim Hjelm
I have no idea what the names of these two are, but both are around $4,000-$5,000. I tried them both on at La Belle Elaine's in Seattle, which I have to say was a terrific experience. They have this awesome runway that you get to walk on and feel like a fabulous model in your dress. Pictures are not allowed there so unfortunately did not get any pictures of me in them. (On a side note, can I just say that the whole trying on a sample size dress and getting clamped into it is so weird? I've never seen so many clamps on my body all at once!)

My opinions of wedding dresses completely changed when I tried them on. I brought in all these pictures of silk sheath dresses or gorgeoue Monique Lhuiller lace dresses but when I tried them on, they just did not hang on my body that well (which I think the size 10 sample had to with it too). But also they just weren't "me". When my bridal consultant had me try on a trumpet/mermaid style gown, I just knew, that was the style for me. I also went in with all intentions of getting a non-strapless gowns, but after persuasion from my sister, mom and the bridal consultants, they convinced me I HAD to go strapless. And then I had to admit to myself that the strapless dresses were quite pretty and none of the dresses with straps looked good on me anyway.

So here's the dilemma that I'm at, should I just go ahead and choose one of those two or keep looking and drive myself crazy even more? I feel like if I keep looking, it might take me another 3 months to decide. Ack! How long did it take you to pick a dress?

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  1. You really don't sound happy with the dresses..so I vote no! If you're 'forced' into it you won't feel happy in it and it'll show. Keep looking! There will be a dress there for you that you LIKE!

  2. Wait for the feeling of "the one"...it'll happen. It just takes some searching sometimes. Have you tried Cicada Bridal?

    And thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

  3. Thanks girls! I know you are right... I am still searching for "the one"!



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