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First post of the new year!

10:16 AM

Happy New Year everyone! The first post of the year is on my very favorite topic, SHOES!

I was searching for the Christian Louboutin bridal collection this morning when I found this article from Shoella.com

Women really love their Louboutin shoes. According to the Orange County Register the designer packed out the local Neiman Marcus, signing his signature red soles. A story in the Seattle Times recently talked about a woman who rushed back into her burning house during the California fires to save her Loutboutin high heels. The good news is that this popular designer now also makes a special bridal shoe. Instead of a red sole they have a baby blue one and take care of that “wearing something blue” issue. His bridal styles are some of the most gorgeous satin wedding shoes on the market. But these shoes are rare -they are available only by special-order.

Christian Louboutin
941 Madison Ave., nr. 74th

Gotta love the woman that saved her Louboutins from the fire. I'd probably save my doggies first and then go back for my Loubs. :) (which to update from an earlier post, I did finally crack and bought my first pair of Louboutins and I love them to pieces).

I would love to see a pair of these elusive blue soled Loubs... This is the best I could find, blue with the red soles... still quite lovely.

No Prive Eel from footcandy.com

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