Jan 23, 2008

If the shoe fits

If you know me well or have been reading this blog, you know that I adore shoes. I have finally found THE shoes and had to share with you. I got them in the mail last week and they are just as pretty as in the picture!

Gucci - Hollywood

I got them at saks.com and used a code for free shipping! They are 4 1/4" high which is perfect for a little shorty like me. :) I bought them as soon as they got on the website (I stalk saks.com and neimanmarcus.com like nobody's business) and luckily I did because the size 5's are already out! Apparantly I'm not the only small foot that's on a hunt for beautiful silver shoes! I've been trying them on before bed every night because I'm crazy like that. Every time I put them on they make me so happy!

I hope everyone else has as much good shoe luck as I've been having!


  1. Those are sooo delicious! And totally wearable again, and again, and again...

  2. Thanks bbb! That's exactly why I bought them!

  3. They are gorgeous! I almost went with silver but as you know opted for pink instead. I love that you will get to wear those shoes over and over, and have the special memories of the first time you wore them :) CONGRATS!


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