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So this is kind of wedding related but not... I just found this website, ShopStyle.com I doubt it's new, but I wanted to share because I'm having too much fun with it. It's this site that's linked to all the major online retailers and you can just browse all the clothes, shoes, handbags to your hearts content all at once!

I buy a lot of my clothes online, mainly because I can usually find my size, whereas I can never find them at the department stores. (Try going to Nordstrom and find a pair of size 25 True Religions, I guarantee they won't have it.) I'm an avid shopper at Revolveclothing.com and Shopbop.com. If those didn't exist, I wouldn't have half my wardrobe. Anyway, using this handy little site, I don't have to browse through all the separate sites and if I'm looking for a little black dress, I can do one search and have millions of options!

Another fun thing is you can create "looks" which is way too entertaining for me. I love putting together these outfits. I put together a little outfit that I would wear to my bachelorette party (which by the way, will be in VEGAS!)

Unfortunately they don't have wedding gowns yet, just a few from J.Crew and Ann Taylor, but you can still browse through the shoes and jewelry. Here's a simple wedding look that I created:

Have fun!

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