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There's a good reason why I've been gone!

12:11 PM

Been busy for the past few weeks so haven't had time to blog! I spent a very fun, very exciting week in London and ended the trip with... THE SPICE GIRLS!!

It's definitely nice to have connections. Our seats were on the floor, 3 rows back. I had the perfect view of the entire concert and haven't screamed like that since I was 8 years old. =) I'm not even that big of a fan of the Spice Girls, but I figured, if I'm gonna see the Spice Girls might as well go all out and see them in their hometown and make a fun weekend out of it! That I did and you should see the swag I got out of it too.

J and I celebrated his birthday this past weekend. And I also have a few new and exciting (but also nerve-wracking) things coming up at work, so I've stayed away from the internet for a bit. Anyway, will have a new wedding related post up soon!

The Spice Girls images are all mine from my own little camera. If you want to use them feel free but let me know! I have a TON more pics for anyone that wants to see too! =)

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  1. I am completely jealous! I'm not even a massive fan, I just want to go for the memories factor!



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