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Where it will all take place...

12:44 PM

I chose Tensing Pen because of it’s intimate location and feel. At full occupancy it can only fit 43 people so I know that even if other people are staying there, my wedding will not be too instrusive to them or them to us.

J and I have decided to stay in the Rock Cottage for the duration of our stay. I love how it is perched over the cliff and overlooks the beach.

Some pictures of the other cottages that our guests will be staying at. I really love how these aren’t traditional hotel rooms but everyone will get their own individual cottage.

Picture of the famous hammock. I read so many reviews on how great it is to hang out at this hammock. I also saw one couple that got married there and only had two guests so Tensing Pen set up their reception dinner in that little hut!
I don’t have a good picture of the cliff that we are getting married on, but here is the seating area for the guests and as you can see the background is gorgeous!! For larger parties the reception is held in this area so I’m very excited to find ways to decorate it.

Some of the pictures of the cottages are from negrilonestop.com
Please note that I saved these pictures when planning awhile back and have no clue to where I stole them from. If they are yours please let me know so I can give you credit!

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