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Where? (Part 1)

3:47 PM

A common question I get after I tell people my wedding is in Jamaica is “how did you choose Jamaica?”, so I thought I’d put together a post of how I came about and chose my beautiful venue in Negril, Jamaica.

It took me about 6 months after we got engaged to actually start planning my wedding. I had been offered a job in London shortly after we were engaged and the discussions of moving and becoming an expat in the UK consumed most of our time and thoughts. Once we came to the conclusion that we would not be moving, the wedding planning was on full force. I did a lot of work in planning my hometown wedding until one day I woke up and said “Screw this. We’re having small wedding in a beautiful location.”

To give you a little background on us, J and I are a very modern, trendy couple. He is hands down the best dressed man I know and I didn’t win “best wardrobe” in high school for nothing ;). We live in a concrete loft in downtown Seattle which means super tall ceilings and pipes running through our place. Not for everyone, but perfect for us. We always knew that we were always going to have a more modern stylish wedding, with a lot of personal details.

Anyway, onto my quest of finding the venue location. My fiancé was flipping through his GQ and saw an article on the most gorgeous, modern hotel in Puebla, Mexico. La Purificadora.

Beautiful right?! I did my research on the internet and found that Puebla was too far inland to have a wedding by the water, which was one of my requirements. La Purificadora is part of a major hotel group called Design Hotels. The interior designs of each of their hotels are just gorgeous. Check out these pictures of La Reserve in Paris, France.

On the website you can search their hotels by region, so I checked out all the hotels in Mexico and the Carribean. The moment I clicked on the Rockhouse Hotel, I instantly fell in love.

I knew that I had to have my wedding there. So I called them up and asked about their availability for 2008. The answer was “We are completely booked”. What?! I called them July 2007 and was looking for a November 2008 date! I was so so sad. The reason was, is that the Rockhouse wants to make sure that every wedding they put on is very special so they only have 20 a year. For all the brides getting married at the Rockhouse, I envy you. I know it will just be beautiful.

After I found out the bad news, my quest to find a place was back on. I scoured the internet and found many places like Sandals resorts or Beaches resorts in the Caribbean that hold weddings, but those places were just too big and a bit too “commercialized” for my taste. I really wanted something small and intimate that we could make our own.

So the search continued…

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