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You just don't know until you try it on

4:38 PM

I obviously am dress obsessed lately as all my posts have been about dresses. At the beginning of dress shopping I decided that I wanted a halter dress. I generally like myself in halter tops but when I put on wedding dresses with halter straps... whole different story.

This picture is almost laughable. The dress is obviously too big (it's probably two sizes too big and it hasn't been pinned/clamped in this picture) but it looks like the dress is eating me alive. I showed J this picture and he was like "Is that even you?" He didn't even recognize me. Not only does it look like I've gained 20 lbs but it just looks so yucky on me.

I tried on a few strapless gown that same day, but for some reason, my computer decided to eat those pictures, so for reference, here I am in a strapless dress.

So there you go, strapless it is. Everybody told me that I wouldn't know what I would like until I tried on wedding gowns and it is SO true. That's also why I don't suggest buying a gown online that you've never tried on. It *might* look just your style, but you just never know what it will look like you until you actually have it on.

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