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9:44 AM

Are you a member of Gilt Groupe? If so, did you see the gorgeousness that was on sale today? Beautiful Badgley Mischka dresses for cheap, cheap, cheap! I wanted to buy them all! I don't even have a place to wear them but still...

If you don't know, Gilt Groupe is a invitation only online sample sale of high end designers. The prices are fabulous and usually have great selection of sizes, but you have to get on the site as soon as the sample sale starts as they do sell out pretty quickly.

Here are a few that I instantly fell in love with. I want to be a guest at a formal winter wedding just to wear these dresses.

I am such a lover of pleating. I'm not sure why, but on evening dresses, I think it looks so elegant and modern at the same time. This retailed for $795. Gilt had it on sale for $248!

This hot little number has a gorgeous lace overlay and a silk gathered band at the waist. Oh, so pretty! Retail $595, Gilt $188.

Rose print chiffon. Love! The rose petal detail on the bust. Love! Retail $995, Gilt $308. I would love to wear this for my rehearsal dinner. Too bad they sold out of my size already. :(

If you want to be a member of Gilt, send me your e-mail address and I can mail you an invite! Tommorrow's sample sale is Judith Ripka so I'm hoping to score some wedding jewelry. On Thursday, it's Notte by Marchesa which is a brand that I ADORE. I can't wait to see the dresses that they will have on sale.

Picture credits Gilt Groupe

Edit: Wow! Just got an e-mail from Rachel at Gilt and she created a link for anyone that wants to join through my post! www.gilt.com/soontobemrsish

Thanks Rachel and Gilt!

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  1. Thanks for the link, I signed right up. I am also planning my wedding at Tensing Pen and found your blog when searching google. I was so inspired and starved for bridal talk I even started my own!

  2. Aricka, Yay! I'm glad to find another Tensing Pen bride!

  3. How did I not know about this fabulousness?? I just signed up. I'm adding you to my blogroll. You're mah-jah *in my best Victoria Beckham impression*

  4. Hi my name is Jem. I was just browsing for sales on Badgley Mischka dresses. I love love the dresses... OMG! Badgley Mischka... please invite me to Gilt. I would love love love to see what they have to offer. Thanx heres my email ixmizzsparklezxL@aol.com. Thank you so much. Hope you had a nice wedding.


  5. Hi! I know this was an older post, but I just recently found your site on a google search. Is there anyway I could still get an invite to the Gilt website? I am getting married in a month and see from your post you found some great deals. Thanks!

  6. Hi Laura, Thanks for stopping by! I just sent you the invite. Happy Shopping!

  7. Hi is it too late to join up with gilt website? My email is sokhannychea@yahoo.ca

  8. Hi,

    I am getting married in 3 months and still looking for 'the one' (the dress that is). Came across the great deals on the Gilt site. Is it still possible to get an invitation to the site?

    My email is gwahs.girl@gmail.com


  9. Hi there, Can you still send invitation for Glit group? Can you send me one as well? I am looking for a gorgeous evening dress. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.



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