The bigger the better

I travel a lot for work and am usually traveling to Europe so I have progressively bought bigger and bigger bags so I can carry on more and more. I have a lovely Tumi luggage set – matching pink carry on and rolling luggage. I highly reccommend Tumi if you are a business traveler or just travel a lot. It’s expensive but so worth it. On the longer Europe trips where I do have to check my bags, I try and bring the biggest handbag that I have so I can bring a lot in my carry-on. I’m very paranoid about the airlines losing my luggage so I always carry on my laptop, make-up/skincare bag (which is huge), jewelry and several other items. I have accumulated many big handbags as a result. I think everytime I buy a handbag, it gets bigger and bigger. I figure this will come in handy for the wedding as I’m sure I will need to bring a lot of stuff that I will be too afraid to check in.
I recently bought a handbag that fits literally everything that I have ever wanted to carry in my bag. And it’s not too ridiculously big that I can use it everyday. I used to have to choose between which cosmetics bags to fit in my purse and only carry one pair of sunglasses. I have to note that I do carry a lot in my bag. More than most woman I think.

Anyway, I am sort of a designer handbag whore. I have more Louis Vuitton’s, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, etc. bags than I can count. I usually don’t buy non high end designer handbags unless it is a really great style. I was perusing this adorable little shoe boutique in Fremont, Lamb’s Ear and came across this awesomely big but really well designed bag that is a “non-designer” label.

It’s the Anna Corinna Jet Setter Jr. bag! What an appropriate name for it huh? The leather is a glazed leather and is really soft. The hardware is really nice and not too heavy. If you own a Marc Jacobs bag you know what I mean about heavy hardware. There are 2 inside pockets and the top buttons can snap together or apart to create an even bigger, roomier bag! Ever since I started carrying this bag, I have had so many people (even men!) compliment me on this bag. Everyone wants to know where I got it, who designed it etc… Out of all the nice bags I’ve owned, I have never recieved so many compliments on one bag in the one month I’ve owned it.

Just wanted to share with anybody that is looking for a fabulous stylish travel bag that can be used for every day too. I just adore it and am contemplating on buying it other colors.

You can buy it at,, and it comes in so many different colors. Also comes in regular leather, not just glazed. Oh and depending on the websites it could also be listed under the designer “Foley & Corinna” as she is part of that design team. It depends on what site you go to and what color and leather type but the bag ranges from $465 – $528. Not bad at all for a huge leather bag. My Louis Vuitton’s cost double that and they aren’t even all leather!

I am loving this gray. I might just have to buy this one too.

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