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Oscar's Hair and Makeup

9:57 AM

Everyone blogs about what they wear, but what about what their hair and makeup? I keep on seeing blogs post about the gowns that the stars wore on the red carpet but I am in love with the makeup that was done!

One of my favorite beauty blogs, Blogdorf Goodman, has great posts on the makeup of the night and the artists that created them.

I'm trying to get ideas of how to do my makeup as I will probably be doing it myself. I won't have time to find a makeup artist in Jamaica, much less have time for a trial so I figure I'd be better off doing it myself.

My favorites of the night...

Anne Hathaway - I usually don't like hair pulled back like this for a fancy event, but it really goes with the dress and the makeup.

Penelope Cruz - Really simple hair and makeup but still really pretty.

Best Actress Marion Cotillard - I already love her style as you can see from my post below and this is no exception. The curls on one side is something that most people don't think of and I think it would be hard to pull off but she looks gorgeous! I love that the corners of her eyes are highlighted in a light color and then gradually moves to dark. It's very subtle which is why it works so well.

Pictures from Yahoo via Blogdorf Goodman

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