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Oh, how I love Google Reader! I’ve been “away” from the computer most of this week and have not had a chance to catch up on my favorite sites. I love that I can just check my google reader and see all of it in one area!

I have subscribed to quite a few more wedding blogs so thought I would update my links section on the side.

I am such a crazy Google Reader reader. I have subscribed to more blogs than I want to admit too! Mine is broken down to 5 sections:

1) Beauty – there are an abundance of Beauty related blogs that I just ADORE. I am obsessed with make-up, skin care, etc, and love that so many other women out there share this obsession. My favorite site is All Lacquered Up. It is all about nail polish! I love that she does reviews and shows pictures of her nails with the colors. I recently purchased 5 O.P.I colors from their new India collection just based on her reviews and her pictures. So fab!

2) Celebrity Gossip – how else will I know what’s going on in the world? šŸ˜‰ Perez Hilton does a fabulous job of keeping me up to date on the most important details of this fun, fabulous world.

3) Fashion – um I love fashion. I love clothes, shoes, handbags, accessories, style, I mean everything about fashion. There are so many fashion blogs out there, I *think* it beats the number of wedding blogs! My fav? The Latest Luxe.

4) HR/Business – I recently discovered the abundance of HR and business related blogs and was absolutely floored. I like to keep up on my industry and in a non-boring work kind of way. I love reading about other people’s experiences and the different takes on certain HR issues that every company has. Being in HR and being in Management is also a whole other animal and I love to hear about those perspectives too. One of my favorites is Ask a Manager.

5) Wedding – Last, but certainly not least! And we all know how many wedding blogs are out there and how we can be so addicted to them. I’m not going to name my favorite out of this category, because, they are all so great!

Please check out the links on the side for those fabulous blogs! If you know of a site that I don’t have on there, please let me know, I love reading them all!!

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