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4:11 PM

J and I went walking around our neighborhood last Saturday. This is not an uncommon thing since we always take our doggies around the neighborhood for a walk but this time we went without the doggies so we could check out the new Velocity Art & Design store that recently opened up a few blocks from us. We had been to their Belltown store but since they moved into South Lake Union we haven't made it in until Saturday.

I saw this lamp there that intrigued me. I've been looking at Japanese lanterns to decorate our little reception area but I thought that this one would be fabulous in the right venue.

Isn't it so cool? It's all made of paper, the cut outs are incredible. It comes in different colors, white, black, silver, purple. They are all so pretty to look at. (click on the pictures to see them in big size)

I found out that it's made by Tord Boontje so I had to go on to the website and find out more. And look at the other goodies I found...

Those are all lights! How cool would it be to have a few of those hanging in your reception venue, especially if you used the same color of flowers.

You gotta check out the website, he has some amazing pieces, I don't even feel like they can be called furniture. It's more like art.
As I was finishing writing this post, I was scrolling through you love me and it's heavenly and found that she had done a post on Tord Boontje too! Great minds think alike! Check out her post!

Pictures from Tord Boontje

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  1. I saw a CURTAIN PANEL in WHITE, which mimics the same feeling as your light. These could be hung across the back of the sea song hut, you would need about 4 side by side to create a backdrop for the reception or an "altar" for the ceremony. At night those battery powered votives could be inserted to light it up. See it at:

  2. Awesome! Don't you just LOVE his work!? :) That pink light thing is very cool...and I love the hanging branches idea...awww, happy planning!!!

    -Jaime @ "It's A Jaime Thing"

  3. Aricka, where are the curtain panels? I couldn't find them on that site! Can you send me the link?

  4. http://aplusrstore.com/product_detail.php?show=product&pid=207&cid=85

    I found a different link of Tord Boontje's Ivy Panels at another site as I was browsing, sorry it took so long I didn't know you could not use the other one.

    try this: http://www.conranusa.com and search until dawn curtain panel white



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