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10:49 AM

I'm a huge fan of orchids. They are impossible to maintain but whenever I get them I love just having them on display. I actually have several fake orchids in my office and at home. They're fake but look quite real. I've had more than a few people stop by my office and ask how I keep my orchids alive. haha.

The Bride's Cafe featured this wedding that had the most beautiful orchid centerpieces.

When my sister got married our guests decided that the gorgeous centerpieces on the table were their favors so they took off with almost all of them. I've never taken any centerpieces at any weddings that I've been to, but if I was a guest at that wedding, I probably would've jacked one! :)

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  1. Bath and Body works has this whole line of orchid products, don't know what they smell like, don't really shop there but....
    the entire in store displays are hanging orchid planters, HUGE orchid "trees", that caught my eye and I wondered how to get some and ship them to Jamaica.

  2. omg. How great would that be to ship the trees to Jamaica?! I haven't seen the store display, I'll have to go check it out!



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