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Pocket Squares

11:08 PM

Instead of a boutonniere, J will be wearing a pocket square. J doesn't need to wear suits to work but he does dress nicely and will usually put a blazer over his sweaters. He has a few pocket squares that he wears and I love the look of them. We haven't found any that we love yet so I think we might end up just going to a fabric store and picking up some fabric and have his mom stitch up the edges. I want to get them for all the men in our families. I think it would also be fantastic if we could find somebody that could embroider our monogram onto the pocket square. I'm not sure if that's possible though. I know that we could do initials, but not sure about a custom monogram.

One of my favorite fashion websites (along with a million other people in this world) is The Sartorialist. If you don't know about The Sartorialist well, click the link and you will be addicted. You will be flipping through pages and pages of the most fabulous, stylish people in this world. Scott Shuman is the genius photographer behind all this. I've been following his blog for at least two years now.

One of the recent pictures posted is this very fashionable looking man with his matching, but not matchy matchy, pocket square. I adore the accent that it gives to an otherwise plain blazer. I think though, that this is not a look that most men could pull off. (You can click on all the pictures below to see the larger version).

The Sartorliast obviously knows where it's at, he's got several men with pocket squares done well. This man below is a perfect example. First off, I LOVE grey pinstripe suits. It just says classy and modern to me. The black pocket square is simple but says so much about how this man carries himself.
Oh and another pet peeve of mine is men that don't wear suits that fit. I don't see many men in suits around here, but when I do see them, most of the time they are too big for the man. If a suit doesn't fit, it just looks silly. You see how well the shoulders fit and where the sleeves end of the man above? That's how it's supposed to look. I have the pleasure of working with colleagues and vendors over in London and every business meeting that I have had over there, the men always look impeccable. A well fitting suit goes a long way. If you are ever in London, go to the Mayfair area and you will see what I'm talking about. It's like you are walking through the pages of GQ and Vogue. I love that area. The men and women are always dressed so beautifully but not pretentiously.

And last but not least, check out the hint of the red pocket square. Most would not think to add that hint of red but it works so well.
I have a feeling that we are one of very few couples doing pocket squares in Jamaica but like I said before, we don't like to do what's typical, we like to do what's "us". Anyone else out there doing an alternative to a boutonniere?

I have to add two more pictures by Scott. The beautiful Carine Roitfield (Paris Vogue Editor-in-chief). Love her, so gorgeous!

All pictures by Scott Shuman via The Sartorialist or Style.com

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  1. This is my FAVORITE blog right now!! I can't get enough! I love it!

    Love the pocket square idea!

  2. You are so sweet Millie! And you just made my day! :)

  3. Thanks for pointing me to this post. And reminding me that the Satorialist is the way to go when looking for pocket square inspiration!



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