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Jamaica Wedding

10:48 AM

I love looking at destination wedding pictures, especially if they're in Jamaica. I found Michelle White's Photography blog today and had to post these beautiful pictures of this couple that got married in Jamaica. I don't think that they got married at Tensing Pen, not sure where they did, but Michelle stayed there and got some awesome pics of the resort. Seeing these pictures just makes me so excited for my wedding!

Love the vibrant colors...

Our Venue. Yay!
And this gorgeous shot of the hut on the cliff. Doesn't it make you want to be there right now?

All pictures from Michelle White's Photography blog

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  1. Great blog!!! Love all your ideas. I am getting married 09.20.08... so I'll be visiting you often! <3Carlene

  2. Thanks Carlene! Just looking at your blog and loving it too! :)



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