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3:28 PM

I got a comment from Carlene at you love me & it's heavenly and I headed over to her blog and found goodness after goodness! I love her taste!

She posted about the wrapping paper from Whimsy Press and I could barely contain myself. I love it all! I immediately sent a link to my fiance on IM (how could I live without my MSN messenger) and told him that I wanted everything on their website. I love asian style paper. Whenever I see paper with Japanese print like the one below, I stop, stare and stroke it lovingly. So pretty...
Whimsy Press actually has a more modern version of Asian print paper. Check it out, isn't it so cute? It's actually reversible so those are the two designs you get on one sheet.

The chopsticks and sushi combo is adorable! I think if you were doing a sushi party, these would be great to wrap the presents/favors in.

And how pretty is this red paper with cherry blossom print.
First picture from Paper Source Rest of the pictures are from Whimsy Press

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  1. Cute right!?! :) I am sooo in love with the wraps! I think i'd be too shy to tear the paper.



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