Apr 9, 2008


I love wedding cupcakes. I'm pretty doubtful that my resort will bake me wedding cupcakes (I've asked, but to no response) but I still like looking at them. I found kylie lambert (Le Cupcake Australia) through Flickr. Check out her awesome cupcakes!

And if you want a pretty cupcake that won't end up in your belly, how about this beauty?

Judith Leiber Limited-Edition Strawberry Cupcake at Neiman Marcus


  1. Oh ye of little faith! I bet you can get the cupcakes. Several other brides who are getting married at Tensing Pen seem to want them too.

  2. Elon & I are totally getting cupcakes for the wedding! And that Judith Leiber bag is TDF! Oh my goodness!

  3. the tiffany blue ones are super cute, though i'm not quite sure that they are entirely appetizing. more like art work to be admired ;)

    so glad to have found another HK groupie! man, we'd be pretty dangerous on a shopping outing!


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