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Plum Party is awesome

11:40 AM

I just discovered Plum Party and I love it! It's full of really cute party supplies and party themes that are not on the cheesy, plasticky side. They have great stuff that you don't see on every other party supply website.

I liked the "Beach Party" section, great for a destination wedding. These are totally not my colors but I like this setting. Everything is made from a latex-based paper, so it would be light and easy enough to carry over in your luggage. My problem with having it at our venue is that I have no idea what their table settings look like so if I can bring something over like this, then I don't have to worry about hating their table settings.

I really like how they have these "beachy" things without being overtly beachy like these napkin holders.
I've been reading about Polyvore on quite a few fashion blogs and it seems to have caught on to wedding blogs as well, so I wanted to have some fun with it too!

Here's what I came up with for the table setting.

And how unnecessary but cute are these initial sugar cubes? Would be so cute to have for the after dinner coffee!

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  1. Love polyvore! Totally gonna post on it next week! Everything looks fab together :)



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