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Us in terms of shoes

10:54 PM

J & I sorta got set up by a mutual friend. She was a sorority sister and was dating J's best friend. I had a long term high school to college boyfriend (one and a half years is a long time for high school! :) ) that I had just broken up with and she was so anxious to hook me up with her boyfriend's best friend. I still remember her exact words to me, "He's perfect for you because he doesn't smoke* AND he's got as many shoes as you do!!" Well, turns out it was true, he really was perfect for me AND he still to this day has as many shoes as I do!

So it's pretty obvious that J would want nice shoes for the wedding. The deal that I made with him is whatever I spend on my wedding attire, he can spend on his wedding attire... so we were at Nordstrom this weekend (not unusual since we are there at least 3 times a week) and found his perfect wedding shoes. They are Prada and yes they did cost as much as my Gucci's. Ohhh, what can you do with a guy with good (and expensive) taste. That's why I love him. He can never complain about me spending $600 on shoes!

I told him I wanted a picture of our shoes together because it so represents "us" so there you go, here's us in a nutshell!

*Yes I was always against dating smokers. I just never found it attractive.

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  1. Did you take this shot? It's fantastic! I love the agreement you have. Can't wait to hear what he is wearing if he will be spending the same amount that you will be on your dress!

  2. Thank you! J took the shot... He's the photographer of us. :)

  3. How adorable are you guys:) I love the shoe story...(Your kids are going to love it!)

    Love the new header and yes, this photo of the shoes is BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Those shoes are beautiful and worth $600.00.

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  5. That is so cute. I can't believe you found a man who has as many shoes as you! No wonder you're going to marry him ;)

  6. Thanks ladies! Glad you are loving the shoes too :)



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