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I need a new diamond...

2:13 PM

J and I have been engaged for over a year now and my ring has already been upgraded. I told him that's the hazard of giving me a long engagement, the ring is just going to continue to get bigger. :)

This is what my wedding set looks like now...

These are the wedding bands on their own. They're 2mm shared setting eternity bands.
Without the bands, the center stone looks a lot bigger, but with them the diamond kinda gets lost with all the other diamonds, SO I've told J that I now want a bigger diamond and he said yes! :)

Now, I grew up with a mother who has a jewelry collection to die for and have known about the "4 C's" since I was about 10 years old. My mother even has her own jeweler's loupe, you know those little magnifying things that you can see the flaws in the diamonds with? So J did not have it easy when buying my diamond as I had a lot of specifications. I like to think that it's not because I'm a total princess but I really wanted to make sure that he got a really good quality diamond for the amount of money that he was going to pay for it.

Since I love my engagement ring, I'm mainly just on a hunt for a loose diamond. I haven't purchased diamonds on the internet before but through various other bloggers and forums, I've heard really good experiences, so I went searching for my perfect diamond. I found Abazias Diamonds and they had the perfect little tool for me! You can select basically everything that you are looking for in a diamond, price, cut, clarity, carat, color. I like that it has these sliders where you can choose between ranges. Like I'm looking for a 2 carat diamond so I used the slider and chose between 1.9 carats to 2.1 carats and I don't want anything less than E color so everything between those qualifications popped up in the search. It's pretty nifty for someone like me that definitely has certain specifications of the diamond that I'm looking for.

I know most my readers are already engaged but it's a really great tool to pick an engagement ring too because you can select a diamond and the ring and it will put it together to see what it looks like. I chose something similar to what my engagement ring looks like and voila! now with a bigger diamond!
OK, off to send this to J now!

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  1. Your ring is Gorgeous! nice work girl!

  2. OMG you and Rachel are like ring best friends.... you both have such beautiful rings!

  3. Gorgeous! Maybe I can get one for my 10th anniversary????



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