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The 8th floor of Saks

9:38 AM

In New York I had to stop by my favorite place in the entire city... the 8th floor of Saks Fifth Avenue. Also known to me as "Heaven". If you've not been there before, it is an entire floor dedicated to designer shoes. Every style, every brand that I have ever coveted is all on that one floor. Gotta love that there is even an express elevator that goes straight there.

Last time I was there was in December during Christmas and it was super hectic. This time I got to stay and peruse the entire floor for as long as I wanted and try on as many shoes that I wanted. The good thing about being a size 5 is that I can always try on the floor samples so I never have to wait for a sales person to help. I do have to add though, that it is not a problem to get a sales person to help you there, they were so nice and asked me every five minutes if they could pull any shoes for me.

The bad thing about being a size 5 is that my size goes very quickly because most stores do not order that many 5's in each style. Louboutin's are next to impossible to find in a 5, but Saks did not let me down... I fell in love with 2 very beautiful shoes but I could only choose one. Here is what I walked away with.

Do you love? Because I do! They are a perfect 4 inch height and show just the right amount of toe cleavage. I'm planning on wearing these to my bachelorette party next month. Now time to find a dress to match!

Picture credits:
saks: yellowsunday via flickr
louboutins: style-ish

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  1. oh. my. gosh. to. die. for.
    i ♥ your shoe collection. yes, i had to put an actual heart :) i've been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black pumps that show just the right amount of toe cleavage and haven't found 'the one' - though a pair of jimmy choo's have been on my mind - i can't justify the cost though!

  2. You're blog is so fun. I just spent almost an hour going through your previous posts (good thing I have a week off!) I love all of the pictures and trendy stuff you blog about.

  3. Oh my, I absolutely love! Sooo classic but sexy. I am so jealous... I want to go to 'heaven!'

  4. Oh My God.
    Shoe lust.
    I love love love them.
    Good choice!
    Beautiful shoes!!!

  5. Thank you ladies! You guys are awesome!

    kay - I love the heart! How did you do that?

  6. http://www.autumnmornings.wordpress.comMay 16, 2008 at 2:42 AM

    OMG, are these the christian louboutin declics? *DROOOOOLS*!!

    ive been drooling over the declics for months now! if i were to ever splurge on high end shoes these would be it!

    i guess ill have to keep on dreaming since im living on a college students budget *sigh*

    may i please request you post pics of you wearing it. ill live vicariously through you in the meantime. ;)

  7. autumn mornings - I am a bad shoe collector as I don't know the name of these Loubs! I'll check the box when I get home :)

    Of course! I will take pics one of these days... Or you will probably get to see them in my bachelorette pictures.

  8. @ style-ish - one day i was posting on my blog and accidentaly hit a key and voila - a heart...i copy and paste it every time i have to use it because i don't know what key i hit - luckily i don't use an actual heart too often but this just called for it! lol.

  9. Oh wow! I'm jealous jealous jealous. Yes, it called for three!

    Jealous of you being able to go to shoe heaven and superbly jealous of you getting to take home a pair of Louboutins. I may cry with longing!

    These are gorgeous, so stylish and real classics.

  10. Kay - too funny but what a great accident!

    Peonies - thank you!

  11. the only thing missing in my closet is red soles. sigh!



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