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I want this dress!

8:29 AM

I want this dress for my bachelorette, anyone know who the designer is?

photo credit mtv.com

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  1. http://www.autumnmornings.wordpress.comMay 16, 2008 at 2:36 AM

    i love the dress!! you have great taste ;)

    have you tried searching her website? perhaps, it could be her very own design.

  2. yea instyle says is from her own collection.

  3. Thanks girls! I'm impressed that's her own design. I haven't really liked anything that she's put out so far.

    Off to see if I can order it...

  4. Boo. She doesn't sell it on her website. Guess my search continues...

  5. hmmm...could instyle be wrong I wonder? it doesn't look like the other dresses in her collection - unless she is introducing a new more upscale line...i may be able to source it though...let me see :)



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