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I'm back and I've got pictures!!

9:31 AM

J and I had the best time in New York this past week. One of the highlights of our trip was meeting our photographer and having our engagement photo shoot. We had originally wanted to take our pics at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens until Punam found out that there was a hefty fee to shoot there, so we ended up on going to Soho which actually worked out better for us since we are more "city" people than "garden" people. I loved the buildings and the grafitti as our backdrop and had all the confidence in the world that Punam would create beautiful pictures.

Punam and her husband both came out to shoot us and they are so cute together. Andrew had to hold my big handbag the entire time which was very nice of him. We really had a great time with them and we are so happy that they will be coming with us to Jamaica.

They were actually on their way to shoot a destination wedding in Jamaica the next day so I didn't expect to have our pictures yet as I know traveling is tiring but J IM'd me this morning to let me know our pictures were up on her blog! I'm so happy with them, they truly capture our personality. J is always making me laugh and I always think that I look quite unattractive when I laugh really loud but she managed to make me look okay. ;)

Take a look at a few pictures...

Go to her blog to see more!

Punam and Andrew - thank you so much for hanging out with us and taking such great shots, we had such fabulous time!

picture credits Punam Bean Photography

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  1. Beautiful Tiffany!!! :) I am sooo excited to see these!

  2. aww thanks Carlene! I like your new blogger picture, you are too cute!

  3. these are absolutely amazing! great job by your photog, you made a great choice!

  4. i forgot to tell you how much i love love LURVE your dress!!! frickin cute!

  5. dude! i just realize i see no shoe shots in your session!? um hello!? please show the shoes... mr. and mrs. shoes! :D

  6. http://www.charlestonweddingsmag.com/feature1FLASH.html

    Great photos and I saw this wedding and thought of you. Some wonderful ideas for outdoor vibrant flowers.


  7. Those turned out SO lovely!

  8. Ami - Thank you!

    Carlene - Thanks! I know, she didn't end up posting them, but I know she did make a point of capturing them so once I get them I will post! I just did a post on my dress and shoes so you can at least see what I wore. :)

  9. Thanks Aricka! You are always finding the most beautiful weddings. Her rose pomanders are gorgeous and those lanterns? So awesome!

    Morgan - Thank you!

  10. How fun is this??? Love these photos! I love the one of you laughing!!! You look gorgeous!

  11. Love the dress and the pictures! The last one is too perfect.

  12. These photos are so great and I am so jealous that you got to head to New York for your photoshoot! Too perfect and too cute!

  13. the last one is my fave. you have some great pictures!!

  14. ooh sorry I'm so behind on replying to the comments, I think I missed all these while I was on my trip.

    Millie, Rebekah, Dana, Lyndsy and Jessica Lynn - Thank you!!

    You all make my day with your comments! :)



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