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I’m sure we are not the only couple that has bought things because “we need it for the wedding”. One of those things that we’ve been contemplating is a new Digital SLR camera to take photos while we are in Jamaica and of course our honeymoon. J has an older Sony and he’s been dying for a new one but those things are dang pricey so we’ve been holding off. Our trip to New York ended up being the perfect excuse to buy one.

J had been doing lots of research online to find the best price and found this store called B&H in New York. We decided to go check it out while we were there and holy moly it is huge! Everything you could ever want, technology related, is in that one store. We went on a Wednesday afternoon yet the store was packed!

We pretty much knew that we wanted a Canon. It was just a matter of which one. After speaking to a very knowledgeable camera guy, we decided on this bad boy.

A Cannon EOS 40D.

And since I’m new to this game I didn’t realize that you had to buy the lenses separately. Did you know that some of those lenses can cost more than the camera itself? Crazy! Here’s the lens package that we ended up getting, which is a very good deal compared to all the other stores we’ve looked at. But guess what? You need more than just the lens, you need a whole bunch of other accessories to actually make it work! We walked out of there with a huge bag full of stuff that I did not know how to use but J insisted that we needed.

Between the two of us, J is definitely the creative one, I do have a spark of creativity, but I’m more of the math/analytical one. I take care of all the finances and he decorates our house. On our last trip to London and Paris, J shot some amazing photographs which after I saw his shots, got me interested in taking nice photos as well. As I mentioned before, I travel a lot and when I was in Cannes and Nice (France) last year, I started to take pictures for the beauty of the area rather than just a tourist trying to take pictures of everything I saw. Of course nothing I took was amazing or anything like that but I just liked how it changed my outlook on the way I looked at things. Since my traveling is probably not going to stop anytime soon, I’d really like to take some great photos of the places that I’m lucky enough to travel to.

I’m so ready to learn how to use the camera. There are so many dang buttons on there and so many terms I’m totally unfamiliar with; aperture, white balance, shutter speed, WHAAT? I’m the type of person that when I learn something new, I want to learn everything about it, I don’t like to skip sections or say “I won’t need that.” because even if I never use it, I will still be happier knowing about it. Let’s just say I read the manual cover to cover when I got a chance to sit down this weekend. When we got back from New York, we drove out to eastern Washington to go visit J’s parents and pick up our doggies (they were watching our doggies while we were away). It was such a beautiful day that I had to take some pictures.

Keep in mind that I don’t even know how to use the camera yet, so these pictures could be better but look at the colors. People always ask me if I like living in Seattle and if I can stand the rain. I tell them that the rain is worth it because on a sunny day it is the most beautiful city to live in. Just look at that blue sky.
This was taken in Vantage, Washington so not exactly in Seattle, but it really is that beautiful even in the city. If you ever take the drive to eastern WA, make sure to stop by the view point. it’s so worth it.

Can anyone give me some good tips or recommend a good website or book to help me learn how to use this? I’m off to Singapore next week and am hoping to have time to take some pictures. Hopefully by the time for our wedding J and I will have mastered this camera!

Sorry for the long post but had to show you what we got to see when we reached my future in-law’s house. We missed our puppies so much.

Our baby girl, running through the yard in her ruffly green dress (Grandma likes to dress her up).

Our big guy just hanging out watching his little sister play in the garden.
And their cousin Jelly Bean in a matching dress.There’s nothing better to come home to than a house full of dachshunds!

You can click on the pictures to see them in full size.

pictures by style-ish

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  • {kay}
    May 17, 2008 at 4:53 am

    I picked up photography as a hobby almost 2 years ago…though I haven’t being half as diligent as I should be. I’m looking at buying a canon d-slr too (or a nikon) soon. Two books I highly, highly recommend to you are ‘Understanding Digital Photography’ and ‘Understanding Exposure’ both by Brian Peterson – two of the best photography books you’ll ever pick up that will help you tremendously (especially figuring out what half the buttons do!)

    Great shots by the way – I see you are using some of Peterson’s tips on composing photos…and you probably didn’t even realize it!

  • bridal fashion by MILLIE
    May 21, 2008 at 3:31 pm

    Fun!!! I have the XTI….So much fun!!!

    Loving your babies!

  • tiffany2stylish
    May 30, 2008 at 6:41 am

    Kay – thank you! Will def. be buying those books.

    Millie – yay! another photo hobbyist 😉 Thanks!