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The outfit

10:44 AM

As you know from my previous posts I was doing some crazy shopping and ordering online for my engagement photo dress. J and I ended up going to Barney's the day before we left and I found the perfect little pink dress so that's what I ended up with. You can't really see the details on the engagement pictures so here's a picture of what it looks like.

The brand is Velvet, I've always adored their shirts for the super soft cotton and the dress was just as comfortable. I found this dress in several colors and it got me thinking that they would make really cute destination wedding bridesmaid dresses. Even though it's cotton, the material is a almost like a jersey and is great quality so it really wouldn't be too casual. Plus it's so lightweight so no one would get too hot. I like the pink color I wore but these ones below would also be great for a fall wedding like mine. Plus the price is fab and they could definitely be worn over and over.

In Punam's blog she mentions my shoes which I do have to say are one of my favorite pairs and they go with everything I own. They are the Jimmy Choo Advent, mine are the snakeskin leather but all black. I purchased mine at the Jimmy Choo boutique on Bond St. in London and they were limited edition to the UK so I can't find a picture of mine online. (That's the only reason why I purchased them in London when the dollar is so weak!) However, they are the most gorgeous shoes and if you are looking for a simple black heel, these are definitely my go-to's. The all leather ones are cheaper by $100 something so if you don't care for the snakeskin, it's better! I don't usually like snakeskin but I loved the texture it gave the shoe. I'm sure Punam captured my shoes in some of the shots so when she sends them to me, I'll be sure to post them! (Oh and my man, the shoe guy, wore Prada loafers)
Funny story, I always seem to get compliments from men at coffee shops on my shoes. I've worn these shoes twice to our neighborhood coffee shop before work and both times got stopped by very well dressed men to let me know that I had really nice shoes. When I used to work downtown, several times men would tap me on the shoulder and compliment me on my shoes while standing in line at coffee shops. Apparently men with good taste in shoes hang out in Seattle coffee shops.

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  1. you crack me up! i seriously think we were meant to be friends.... i have that same JC maryjane shoe saved in my "NEED TO GET" folder on my mac!! love it!

  2. ha! That's awesome :)

    My peeps at nordstrom tell me that they are starting the pre-sale for half yearly and they are marking all the Choo's down 40%. They might have these so go check it out!



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