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Inspired by Gucci...

9:24 AM

Lately, everything I look at is wedding related. Even if it has nothing to do with weddings, I somehow change it into a "how to incorporate into a wedding". It's a disease, I think. Anyway, I was perusing the Gucci website and came upon this lovely frock (which BTW is on sale for $799!) and thought that this would make a cool bridesmaid dress for a fun modern wedding.

I was thinking a black and white theme with splashes of hot pink. And here's what I put together!
photo credits (clockwise from top): Monique Lhuillier via Brides.com, Christian Louboutin via net-a-porter.com, Gucci.com, theknot.com (click for more details), theknot.com (click for more details)

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  1. You are MEAN!

    Because I have looked over my budget many times and I just do NOT have room for an $800 shower or rehearsal dinner dress. ::sigh::

    Love that dress! ;)

  2. Ha ha yes I agree it is a disease! It's like we've forgotten that you can just admire something beautiful for any other occasion and (believe it or not) buy and wear things too! ;-)

  3. That is one HAWT color scheme. I'm diggin' it. I just don't know if I'm enough of a fashionitsta to pull it off. :) You could totally rock that though!

  4. Kate - haha, don't we all wish we could squeeze an extra $800 for a fabulous dress!

    Guilty - so glad that I am not the only one!

    budgetsavvybride - aww thanks!

    Dana - aren't they? those are one of my favorite Louboutins.

  5. That's a hot dress! And that's my color scheme too...great minds...

    That dress would be great for my BMs for the wedding at the loft,as I've been looking for a patterned dress for them. But at $800.00 a pop, they'd totally kill me.

  6. psilovethis - I didn't realize that was your color scheme. Love it!

    I'll look out for other cute patterned dresses that don't cost $800!



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