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9:26 AM

I was tagged by one of my favorite bloggers, Kate's Wedding, (who is also the newest member of the Wedding Bee!) to do a five random facts about the Mister, so here it goes.

1) The first two years that I was with J, he had hair, first it was short and spiky, then it was long(er) and spiky and then he decided he hated dealing with his hair so he shaved it all off and has had a shaved head ever since. So no, he is not balding, he has a full head of hair that he shaves twice a week.

2) The boy is religious about keeping his shoes in perfect condition. He uses a toothbrush and all sorts of sneaker cleaners and even his own concoctions to clean his shoes. For his dress/work shoes, he has shoe trees in all of them and stores them all very neatly in their boxes. His sneaker collection is also stored in boxes but instead of shoe trees he stuffs them with tissue paper. He's always been like this, because when we go visit his parents, his mom will pull out his shoes from high school, that he wore, but still look brand new. It's crazy.

3) Our new car is his baby and the most annoying thing is that he doesn't trust to park next to anyone (because he's convinced everyone is out to door dent us) so everywhere we go, we park in the farthest spot possible. And if it's a corner spot, even better so there's only the chance of having one car park next to us. So this means we park at the farthest corner spot that he can find. This also means that me in my 4 inch heels are ready to kick his arse by the time he finds the spot that he thinks nobody will park next to.

4) The first time he met my parents he wanted to look nice so he went out and bought a really nice pair of Coach shoes to wear. (This was when we were in college, so it was a lot of money for him.) Well, he didn't realize that my family never wears shoes in the house and he had to take them off at the front door. So, he was a little disappointed. Well, little does he know my mom, she did indeed go out and check what kind of shoes he had worn and she told me later on that she liked them very much.

5) He grew up with a dachshund named "Hummer" which gets a laugh everytime we tell people that. The story behind that is J was about 4 years old when he and his mom went to pick up the new puppy. On the car ride home the puppy was crying/whining and J asked his mom why the puppy was humming. :) Hummer lived to be 18 years old!

I think all of my bridal blog friends have already been tagged so I'm going to go and tag a few of my new favorite bloggers... I'll give you the choice of 5 random things about yourself or 5 random things about your significant other!
Mrs. Priss , Autumn Mornings, My Super Sweet Fashion Diary , i'm not really a diva , Tam's Thoughts

p.s. none of those pictures are mine, or are of our stuff. :) Just had to do a quick flickr search for pics since I don't have many pictures on this computer.

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  1. Oh thanks for the tag! This is a new one, I like!

    If only my husband were into shoes like your man... then maybe he'd approve of my obsession a bit more than he does now. :)

  2. Morgan, I gotta tell you it does help that he is just as shoe obsessed as I am. He can never complain...

  3. First off, I would love any tips or suggestions from you or your man on how to keep your shoes looking new. I TEAR my shoes up! This is why I only wear designer shoes on special occasions. Except for my Prada high heeled loafers, which I wear on Fridays and will someday get re-soled. Cause I love them.

    Secondly, FH TOTALLY does #3 as well. Drives me BONKERS!

  4. thanks for the tag!! =) ill be posting my response soon.

    wow, your hubby sounds a lot like mine!!! i especially laughed at #3. i get so annoyed that im made to walk to a store extremely far because he doesnt want to risk his "baby" getting scratched or dented by potential cars/people/items (i.e shopping carts people are to lazy return to its proper place). and yes, a very far away corner is his favorite spot ;)

  5. Do you have an old picture of him with the spiky hair? I'd love to see that :)

  6. Kate - I spray leather protector on all my shoes. I also re-sole all my designer shoes early on (before they get too beaten up) it makes the shoes last sooo much longer. Nordstrom does an excellent job re-soleing shoes.

    I don't know about where you live but downtown Seattle has the worst sidewalks, so many cracks that you can fall into. Since I only wear stilettos the leather on the heels get so tore up, it's awful! I've been carrying a pair of flats with me when I have to walk a far distance and then change into my pretty heels when I get inside. That has helped save my shoes a lot!

    I'm glad you can sympathize with me on #3. The things we put up with for our men. :)

  7. Autumn Mornings - loose shopping carts are the devil! haha!

    Guilty - I will dig one up and try to scan it! This was back in the day before digital cameras were prevalent. That makes me sound old right? ha!

  8. He he no doesn't make you sound old... I didn't get a digital camera until 2005 so all my photos before that are in albums. I need to scan some actually!



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