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a two shoe bride

9:18 AM

I am a two shoe bride, but only because back in the day when I was planning on having my wedding in Seattle, I had wanted red shoes. Mainly because in my culture red is typically worn at weddings and basically means happiness.

I found my perfect pair at the Jimmy Choo store on a visit to New York and wore them at my very first bridal dress appointment. After it was decided that we were getting married in Jamaica, the thoughts of the red shoes went out the window and they have sat in my closet since.

I decided to take them out for a little photo shoot. I wanted to copy the idea from my post about The Heels. Turns out these are the perfect heels for this shot! Aren't they pretty?

And here is what they look like.
Turns out, I have no need for them and feel bad that they've just been siting in my closet for months. I am planning on putting them on ebay so email me if you'd like me to send you a link to my auction or if you are just interested in buying them, let me know! I paid $640 for these so please only reasonable offers. They are new, only worn on the carpet of the bridal salon and are a size 5.5. I know that there is somebody our there to take these beauties to a new home! They deserve to be worn! :)

P.S. I am also selling these Louboutins. They are a size 6 and sadly are too big for me. :(

I am a shoe-aholic that buys shoes that aren't my size and keeps many pairs of unworn designer shoes in my closet. I need you to help buy my shoes so I can continue feeding my addiction! :)

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  1. Girl, you have such tiny feet!

    AND - Those shoes are amazing!

  2. Love seeing you try out your fun new camera. I wish my feet were a few sizes smaller!

  3. Those are beautiful. Sadly my feet are too big!

  4. Wow those are H-O-T!

    So what kind of shoe are you going with? I've been looking for ages and am STILL not sure what would be appropriate for a tropical wedding. Something strappy??

  5. Kate - ugh. such a curse. I'm not even a 5.5, I'm a 5! I just have to buy shoes in a bigger size since they hardly have my size.

    Jenna - thanks! the camera is too much fun.

    Miss purple - I'm not a huge fan of strappy shoes, mainly because I don't like my feet. I actually got silver peeptoes instead! Here's my post on them.

  6. Oh wait, here's my original shoe post.


  7. Wow your feet are even tinier than mine! (That is a rare find... I'm a 6 in US sizes.)

    You have great taste in shoes :)

  8. I love shoes. Both pair are beautiful,nothing but my big toe would fit into those shoes.

  9. Damn, those red ones are gorgeous. That's the colour I was looking for but it just wasn't meant to be.

    And you are making me feel like a great big-footed heffelump bride with your teeny tiny feet!

  10. love the red and the red soles. alas too tiny for my clown feets ;)

    i really love your blog - such a breath of fresh air. gonna send jean bean over.

  11. awww you guys! I'm sure all your feet are normal size. I've just got some unusually small feet. I only wish I was at least a size bigger!

    Diabolina - so sweet of you to say, thanks so much! You know I adore your blog as well!



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