Yay for gifts bags!

I wanted to thank all my girls for coming out to Vegas for my bachelorette party, but I had a small problem in that I could not carry a whole lot to fill gift bags for 9 girls. I pondered food for awhile, like custom made cookies but that didn’t pan out. I really wanted to stay away from the gross, cheap typical bachelorette party stuff so I scoured etsy for days looking for something cute that I could personalize and came upon these custom mirror favors by AbbieRoad.

Totally adorable and just a great idea as who couldn’t use a little mirror to keep in their purse? For the ones above you choose from a variety of brides and grooms and then they can be customized down to the hair color, skin color, lipstick, flowers, everything to match you and your wedding.

I definitely liked this idea but wanted something sassier since this was going to be in Vegas. I contacted Abbie and asked her if she could custom design something, unfortunately I was only about a week away from leaving and she could not produce something so quickly. She sent over a design she had previously created and I requested wording, hair color and color changes, along with adding a martini in the design. Now to be honest, I wasn’t completely in love with the girl on the design, as she wasn’t really my style, but I figured it had to do in the short amount of time that I had. I was however impressed with the turnaround time with Abbie as she came up with the design, had me approve it and put up an etsy listing all in one day.

So here it is!
And here is what I recieved:

I was happy with the quality, the mirror was not blurry or cheap looking and the design was placed really well. It was a bit smaller than I expected but a perfect size to keep in a cosmetic bag.

After I received the mirrors I went on a hunt to put them in something and came upon these adorable cosmetic bags in all sorts of sizes, colors and patterns. I forgot to take a picture with all 9 of them but here are the remainder that didn’t get passed out (I wasn’t able to give it to all the girls since not all of them weren’t staying in the same room as us, but not to worry, everyone will get theirs!)

And then I added a lip balm and lip gloss and there you go! Light and easy to pack in my suitcase. The girls loved the mirrors and had a blast picking which bags and what colors of lip gloss they wanted.

I found the bags at Target, they are by Sonia Kashuk. I literally bought their entire stock, it was really lucky that they had exactly nine. So to prove a point, it really is possible to buy cute bachelorette gifts bags that don’t include penis straws and matching tshirts!

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  • Diabolina
    July 4, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    adorable idea!!!