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day after dress

12:53 PM

I am in love with this dress. It is so perfectly beachy. I am considering it to wear for our day after photo shoot. What do you think? Am I going to look back at the photos and think I am crazy for wearing this dress? I need something to roll around in the sand and get into the water with.

I am excited to do the day after photo shoot, but am a tad bit nervous about how they will turn out. The only thing that I hope is that we can look as beautiful as this couple...

Photo by my fabulous photographer Punam Bean

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  1. I don't know Style-ish it is just a little bit crazy. And is it really going to stay on in the water?

  2. Oh, I love that photo!

    It's a cool dress, but I wouldn't feel comfortable in it... it just looks like you could be flashing the photographer with various body parts you'd rather keep covered every time you move!

  3. Thanks jenna and guilty! I hear ya both. That was my hesitation on the dress. I think I will keep searching!

  4. I think it's cute and hot - totally Jamaica appropriate. I love the back. However, there may be something better out there!

  5. Thanks Kate! I still totally love the dress. I think I will get it as I can still wear it when I'm there and for other vacations. I'll keep looking for a dress for the pictures.

  6. hot dress for a hot photo shoot. loves it!

  7. I just read this and had a laugh at the comments, your readers are just keeping it real, keeping it real~! Lol!



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