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8:23 PM

I found Dapper Kid through some fashion blogs I was reading and not only is he a male fashion blogger with fantastic taste, he lives in my favorite city in the world (London) and I bet he has a kickass accent. He is my new blog crush. :)

I wanted to share this brilliant post he did on one of men's most essential piece of clothing. The Shirt. I've already talked about how most men wear ill fitting suits. The same goes with the shirt. An ill fitting shirt looks just as bad as a baggy t-shirt. There is no point in wearing it if it doesn't fit well.

Here are my favorite parts of his post:

"A good selection of shirts are essential to any man's clothing collection. The shirt can be worn both dressed up and dressed down and adds an instant smartest to any outfit. Adding a simple tie can add class, yet an open collar can exude a laid back and effortless style. The key to looking good in a shirt is simply knowing which type of shirt you require for your specific outfit and some basic rules for wearing a shirt."

I am drooling over this model in this suit. It is so perfect. I am such a sucker for a man in a (well fitted) suit.

Interesting tidbit on the term "button down"...
"For a more casual shirt, simply paired with linen or denim trousers and footwear such as deck shoes or loafers, a 'button down' (usually an 'Oxford') shirt is worn. The button down refers to the collar, which is buttoned down at the tips, although the term is often incorrectly used in American English for a general 'dress shirt'."

his General Tips:
"General tips for a shirt are simple enough. Fit is a key consideration, you want something that is fitted at the shoulders and back. This is usually down to the 'yoke' of the shirt, which is the piece of material at the upper back of the shirt, that dictates the fit and shape of the rest of the shirt. You want the shirt to fit well, however not too feel restrictive when leaning forward. Equally your sleeves ought to cover most of your watch when you put your arms out in front of you. Remember that a slightly tapered shirt will usually be your best option, otherwise the fabric will balloon around your lower torso. The length of a shirt is also a key consideration, as it will determine how the shirt can be worn. Generally if the shirt is longer, you will have to tuck it in. If you want to wear the shirt loose, you will want a shorter length, that does not fall too low."

I love men's fashion as much as I love women's fashion and is fitting that I'm marrying the most fashionable man I know. Although he does not need these tips, I know many a man that does. I may be passing along this post to them. ;)

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  1. Very interesting! I guess I'm guilty of using the term "button down" wrong!

    Never again! Oxfords!

  2. Love it... a well-fitted shirt is so sexy!

    I want Baddie to wear a skinny tie just like that one but in midnight blue for our wedding. Yum!

  3. I love the look of a man in a suit. I hardly ever get to see E dressed up. He's very much a tee and jeans kind of guy. I can't wait to see him all snazzed up for our wedding!

  4. lookrichbitch - me too. I'm always getting corrected by the Brits in my company so at least I won't mess up on this term! ;)

    Gulity - the skinny tie in midnight blue sounds Hot! Can't wait to see it.

    Jessica - that's the best part of the wedding right? to get your man to dress up in fancy duds. haha. J dresses nice but hardly in a suit so I'm gonna melt when I see him in his suit.

  5. I even learned something! Love the diagram on the shirt. I'd not been clear on what a placket was before. Nice work, baby!



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