Jul 11, 2008

He will be wearing purple

We were at J's favorite men's store this weekend, Ian, and found his perfect wedding shirt! I did officially decide that we were going to incorporate purple into our wedding so I was really happy that we found this.

The shirt is by Lova and the only place that I could find it online was at eluxury.com This picture makes it look kinda crazy but it is just a regular plaid pattern.

And look at the french cuffs! I love french cuffs. Now I need to find him some nice cufflinks to wear.Ian Shop blog

So this with a gray three piece suit and his Prada shoes, I think is a winning combination!


  1. Ooh! That's gonna look HOT!

  2. I seriously cannot imagine your groom wearing anything else. I love your sense of style, and it's so fun to follow what you choose!

  3. i love the purple, so stylish! is he going to wear a tie?

  4. eeeeks!! soooo stylish!!! good job on picking a man who thinks differently. from the ring to this shirt - i loves it!

  5. Kate - Thank you thank you!

    Jenna - that is very sweet of you to say.

    Janet- not sure about the tie situation yet.

    Diabolina - that was the first thing that attracted me to him. In the sea of frat boys and their shorts and flip flops was my impeccably dressed man.

  6. I visited this wedding blog and found a VERY inspirational purple wedding for you to see.

    see Karen and Steve ~ Exquisite Love. All the beautiful details included tons of purple including an exquisite bouquet, a perfectly matched tie and a gorgeous, drop dead centerpiece decorated beautifully to set the tone of the decor, and no I am not doing a paid commerical for these people, it is simply that great.

    Happy Planning!



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