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The Perm!

12:32 AM

I blogged about getting my digital perm two weeks ago so I wanted to show the results!

I'm not a fan of just shots of my face. Am very self conscious of my extra round face, so you get the fully body shot. haha.

Here I am the day before the perm. Not the best picture as it was after a long day of work but you get the idea of the straightness of my hair. I didn't blow dry it that well that day but it usually is much straighter.
This is the day after and how the stylist styled it.

Here I am on Saturday, 4 days after the perm!
I'm so happy with the results. It's pretty much how I wanted it, but better because it is a lot easier to style than I thought. And when I wake up in the morning I instantly have glamorous, sexy hair. ;)

The process took about four hours and the machine wasn't as scary looking as the picture in my post. Basically, they put the solution in my hair, rolled it in the special curlers, attached it to the machine which got up to 85 degrees Celsius and then sat there and sat there, until the machine cooled down and then the stylist took them out and styled my hair. I couldn't wash my hair or pull it back in a ponytail for 48 hours so I was very excited when I was able to wash it and style it to my liking.

I bought this MOP (Modern Organics Products) C-system curl defining cream from the salon and love it. I put a little in before I blowdry (low setting with a diffuser bought from the salon) and then after when I style my hair. I can either make my hair have tighter curls or bigger curls like in the picture above, depending on how I blowdry and style.

So overall, I highly recommend a digital perm for any straight haired girls dying for big bouncy waves. Also, just a mention to Ten Pachi salon that did my hair. They were WONDERFUL. I had two girls working on my hair to cut down on the time and they totally listened to what I wanted and kept on checking on me to see if I needed more water or if I was comfortable.

Now, all I have to do is to test this out with the makeup look I'm going for and a veil and see how it works out.

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  1. I love the hair but more than that... damn are you stylish, girl?! :-D

  2. LOVE IT! it looks so fantastic - and full...and tres sexy! "You go girl" (i know, that saying is incredibly old but it's all i could think of...)

  3. Wow, that turned out great! So gorgeous! Was the crazy contraption they used as scary as it looked? haha

  4. Guilty - i try, i try. haha! thanks!

    Thanks Linda!

    Kay - you are too cute, and thanks I needed that You go girl! cuz that's how I feel! ;)

    Thank you Dana!

    Morgan - the contraption they used here was different, the rods weren't all sticking out, it was just a small machine that connected to the curlers. so it wasn't as scary as the on in the picture!

  5. Ohhhhh it turned out so great!!! You look gorgeous, girl!! I love it... yay!

  6. LOVE IT!!! I have another blogging buddy who just got a perm at the same salon you did! Check out her blog..she's hilarious.


  7. Thanks Tam!

    I went to check hers out, she actually got a texture perm which is more like a regular perm where mine was done with the digital machine so our hair is a bit different. But still looks great! Thanks for letting me know!

  8. Wow! It looks great!!! I'm impressed! I wish they could make big waves out of my small curls. :/

  9. That sounds kind of insanely amazing! My hair is STICK STRAIGHT...

    I can achieve the look but with heating tools which damages my hair. How is the texture after? And was there any damage?

  10. Oooh - my hair looks JUST like that. Only I don't have a perm!! Haha.

    It's NEVER lacking in body/volume, but it's so outta control sometimes.

    I'll have to look into that hair product. Hmmm...

  11. I love the hair! I can't wait until I get mine done. By the way was it $$$?

  12. Hello,
    I've just been searching the net and came across your post. I have curly hair and was seriously thinking about getting the Japanese straightening treatment. However, I'm worried that I'll eventually get sick of it after a year or so and miss my curls. In your earlier post you mentioned that your hair was straightened, and now you've had it curled. Can you pass on any advice about whether it damages your hair, or what the hairdresser said about possible risks?
    Thank you!



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