Jul 23, 2008

Wrapped up with a bow

I like the bow details that have trickled into fashion the past season or so. I have adored this Jay Godfrey dress as modeled by these two PYT's.

Big bows are hard to pull off so I would love to see an actual bride wear this dress by Lara Helene Bridal Atelier. For the right bride, it would be amazing and with that detail, little else is needed.
If the dress is a bit too much, you could always slip on these hot little Louboutins...

Bergdorf Goodman

Or carry this clutch instead!Bergdorf Goodman


  1. Hooray, the bow at the back of my neck is IN!

  2. Guilty - how could I forget? I love the bow at the back of your neck!


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