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gray is my neutral

9:00 AM

I have this thing for gray. You know how some people can fall back on neutrals like brown or camel? Well, I can't. My skin tone doesn't do brown or camel well at all. So my neutral is gray. I particularly love gray shoes, I think that the gray peeking out from underneath dress pants or skinny jeans looks so nice.

Here are one of my favorite gray shoes, I adore the little dip at the toe.


Lately, I've especially been wanting gray boots/booties. I think they would make a nice staple in my fall/winter wardrobe.

Cupcakes and Cashmere led me to these delish Prada booties. Oh so yummy! But still quite pricey at $620.
I then found these patent leather oxfords by Report Signature. I don't quite know how I feel about the style, but I do love the color. I think I may be able to pull it off with a black dress and black tights in the fall.
And then I remembered that episode of Gossip Girl when Serena wore these awesome over the knee boots. By the time I went to order them, I was too late as everyone and their mom wanted a pair as well, but it looks like they are back. I'm usually not one for flat boots as they are extremely hard to pull off when you're my height but these just appeal to me.

The boots are by Chinese Laundry. I'm a bit hesitant as "cheap" shoe brands never work out for me but I'm willing to give it a shot as I can't find anyone else that makes anything similar. The only thing is I wish that they still made the dark gray rather than the light gray.

I still don't absolutely love either one. They could both be either super cute or super ugly. I'll just get them and see how they turn out. Anyone find any other cute gray boots, let me know! There's gotta be some out there that I still haven't seen.

If you are wanting more, Cupcakes and Cashmere put together a great post of her selection of gray booties.

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  1. I looove your gray shoes! I think gray is my neutral too. I have to force myself to try and spice up my closet with other colors.

    I really liked those Chinese Laundry boots too, but never saw them in person so I didn't get them. I did pick up some sale Nine West at the end of winter and I absolutely love them. Can't wait to pull them out again.

  2. LOVE the new header - it turned out tres fab! Also am loving your gray patent shoes. Adorable.

  3. thanks LRB! my closet is peppered with colors but my shoes are pretty neutral. can't make myself wear funny colored shoes.

    I want to see your boots, they look just like the CLaundry ones?

    Kate - aww thanks! such a simple design that took much too much time finalizing. hehe.

  4. Those patent oxfords are love in a shoebox.

  5. Grey is my fave neutral too. I haven't tried camel, but I hope it works for me because I really want a camel colored trench!!

  6. Cupcakes and CashmereAugust 12, 2008 at 5:47 PM

    these boots were the first post i ever did on my blog! i bought them after seeing them on blake lively and LOVE them! you'd never know they're chinese laundry.

  7. can i say again how much i love the new direction of your blog (though i did enjoy it just as much when it was wedding focused too). love your shoes as usual - i don't think you can really go wrong with those boots for that price...i have a similar pair but they stop just below the knee and are black leather - everyone always love them & i love the slightly slouchy fit.

    oh - and grey is my new neutral too...though i mean a grey sofa is what i've decided i'll probably buy...when i buy...

  8. Just found your nice blog! Will be checking back often from now on!

  9. p.s. i love this - "love in a shoebox" is my new favorite phrase!!

    ro- you know I always wanted a camel trenchcoat as well but I just can't pull it off. Let me know if you find one!

  10. cupcakes - oh really?! Well, now that I have actual testimony that they are good boots, I will most def. be getting them. thanks for letting me now!

    kay - Thanks! I'm glad you are liking my new direction. We have a dark grey couch and we love it!

    berryberr - thanks for stopping by! I love new readers! =)

  11. Ooh, I love the new look! I never used to wear anything grey but I got into it a couple of years ago and now I'm hooked. I have the most amazing pair of grey shoe-boots you would love!

  12. I love the Chinese Laundry boots! And you can totally fold them over if you feel they are too long, which is a definte plus!!

  13. Here's a link to my post about the boots: http://lookrichbitch.blogspot.com/2008/04/i-hope-it-stays-cold.html

    They're not thigh-high like the chinese laundry ones but they still look great with skinny jeans! Normally I don't like suede because it gets ruined in our rainy winters, but they were so cheap! :)

  14. Guilty - ooh I want to see your gray shoe-boots!

    Stephanie e - good point!! I didn't even think of that.

    lrb - i have a pair of suede Jimmy Choo boots that are to die for. I never thought I'd spend that much money on a pair of boots but they are so worth it. I hear ya about the rain though. I just had to do it though, they were too pretty.

  15. GOD ! how many pairs of DESIGNER heels do you own ? I AM JEALOUS OF YOU !! x




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