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It's shoe time!

9:00 AM

I went on a frenzy and bought some new shoes and had to share!

Here's my loot:
All shoes

I went crazy on flats!! I know, so unexpected from the girl that only wears 4 inch stilettos right?
I wanted to be prepared for Jamaica and I am not one for flip flops. I wanted some pretty jeweled ones that would look awesome glistening in the Jamaican sun and here is what I found!

I went on Endless.com to order those gray booties that I had blogged about and added these pretty sandals to my order. I didn't end up liking the booties, but I loved these guys. The jewels really remind me of the gorgeous Giuseppe Zanotti's that I had been admiring (but pained me to pay $695 for a pair of sandals).

Charles David

Here they are on my feet. Ugh. Never thought I'd post my feet for people to see, but I think they look better on. Please excuse my oddly small toes. J calls them "pygmy toes".

On one of my trips to the mall, I stopped by J. Crew and scoured through the sales area and came up with these babies! A size too big but dude, they were on sale okay? I had to get them. The pink with the rhinestones is so me.

These are not for Jamaica but for everyday, casual wear. Aren't they the most adorable pink Louboutin flats you have ever seen? Scored these on sale too! The perforated leather is so delectable!

While I was taking these pictures, this guy walked past me and asked "Ebay or Craigslist?" I replied back "neither, I just like taking pictures of my shoes." He gave me the "you are a weirdo" look and walked away. I had to laugh.

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  1. I love those pink Louboutin flats!!! Where did you buy them?

  2. Hello always organizing! Thanks! I got them at Nordstrom, but they are last season so a bit hard to find now.

  3. Those jeweled shoes are soooo gorgeous!!

  4. hahaha I love this post! Too cute!

  5. hahaha I love this post! Too cute!

  6. Danz - I do love them :) thank you!!

    Amy - haha, glad I could entertain!

  7. Don't worry--you're not the only one that takes pics of your shoes (even with them on). I do it, too.

    Love what you picked!

  8. Wow, those bejeweled sandals are great, and so much better than the original version since they are at least $645 too much.

  9. Love the shoes! Louboutins are to die for! Ugh. I have yet to find a pair on sale that are must have.

    Too funny about the guy thinking you're a weirdo. :)

  10. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will definitely have to look for them...AO

  11. so great....so sad I cannot fit my feet into louboutins...or any really ..boo. those pink flats are adorable!

  12. abbie - glad I'm not the only "weirdo" out there! ;)

    dutchess - you are so right. I don't mind paying for shoes when they are worth it but seriously? Those things barely even covered your toes much less your feet!

    lrb - i have to say, most of the Loubs that go on say are pretty much ugly but then you gotta snatch up the cute ones that come once in awhile.

  13. I loved what you said to that guy. Brilliant.

    I searched for ages for a pair of bejewelled flats but still haven't found any just right... ah well, better luck next year!

  14. AO - come back and let me know if you get them! :)

    love maegan - thank you! Have you tried getting any shoes stretched? maybe that will help!

  15. hello styleish! I wandered over via Guilty Secret and just had to comment on this post. You have the absolute best taste in shoes. I want the bejeweled ones. Thank you for sharing all your pretty finds :)

  16. thanks for sharing! all great buys!

  17. The jeweled sandals are just darling! I am totally inspired to do some end of the season sandal shopping!

  18. I love pretty sandals! You totally scored.

  19. those perforated ballet flats are scrumptious. great scores!

    and f that weirdo guy ;)

  20. its hard to pick which pair i like most. i love them all!

  21. Mrs. S - thank you for coming to visit!

    tam pham, markessa, lizy, diabolina, and autumnmornings - thank you! :)

  22. I *heart* Louboutin!

    Don't dis the pygmy toes. It could be worse...you could have the kind that flop over the edge of your shoes. Charming, that.



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