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it's time for a change...

11:47 AM

I've been contemplating changing the focus of my blog for awhile now. I like to keep it a good blend of fashion/wedding related but I also don't know how far into the fashion aspect I can go as it probably won't entertain my wedding readers. I've made some fabulous fashion blogger buddies that make me want to delve more into a more fashion/beauty/style related blog. I've enjoyed the wedding part of it but the truth is, I think I can only stand this much more of wedding related stuff. I truly enjoy reading other bride's blogs and their journeys but I've pretty much stopped looking for inspiration as I am happy with the way my wedding is going and don't feel like I need any more ideas.

With that being said, I am going to do a blog revamp and focus more on my bigger interest which is fashion & style. I will still do wedding posts and of course share my big day with all of you so I'm not totally abandoning wedding planning! I'm going to stay with this web address for now as I don't see it necessary in changing it but will let you know when I do change. If you are a regular wedding reader of mine, thank you for visiting me and always leaving such great comments. I hope you will stay for the revamp, but if not, I won't be offended. Not everyone loves fashion as much as me! For my fashion blogger buddies and all the fabulous people that visited me through Diabolina's blog (I checked my stats! They are a lot of you =) thanks D!) I hope you stay, enjoy and share your blogs with me.

I wanted to add that I started this blog with the idea that I could keep my friends and family updated with our wedding plans. It turned out to be much more than that, but through this all I've learned so much about the blogging community. I never expected to be able to connect with so many people that I do not actually know in real life. I receive wonderful emails from so many women from all over that find my blog and every single email makes me smile. I read other women's blogs and find myself relating to them or feel inspired by them. This blog came along at just the right time in my life and I hope to continue it for a little bit more. I just wanted to thank all the wonderful women out there who read my blog and write their own blogs, as it is truly awesome to be part of this group.

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  1. I'm looking forward to being a regular reader of your fashion/style blog. ;)

  2. And then we can make plans and go shopping together. Hahahaha!

  3. Just dropping by from TeamSugar. I just (kinda) coverted my blog into more of a fashion one too. Looking forward to more fashion posts from you!

  4. A natural progression for you, I think. It'll be fab!

  5. kate - mwah! you are awesome! Thanks for coming along for the new ride!

    lookrichbitch - um heck yea! let's do it! =)

    ro - love your outfits on teamsugar, thanks for stopping by! Will be visiting yours as well!

  6. diabolina - thanks girl! you are my inspiration.

    p.s. i love this - thank you! I will of course still be visiting your blog as you are a girl with great style as well!

  7. i'll still be a reader! i was thinking earlier today.."i wish i could find some good fashion blogs.." great timing :o)

  8. Aricka WestbrooksAugust 4, 2008 at 7:34 PM

    I am still very heady on the high of weddings! I can't get enough wedding stuff and your blog was one of my regular places to get a fix, (especially since we will both be having them at Tensing Pen). I will miss the wedding stuff and look out for the style!


  9. Hello Tiffany!

    I think this is a great idea... I was just thinking yesterday about how many of my blogging bride friends will continue to blog after their weddings and I'm glad to see you're one of them!

    You know I love your style (do I ever shut up about it?!) so I'll certainly still be reading :)

    Oh, and I love the new look too!

  10. I wrestle with this all of the time. In my experience you have to blog from the heart. Do I love shoes at the moment? Then I write about them. If I'm loving art one day, I'll write about that.

    It is too difficult (and the results are too disingenuous) if I start to write what I think 'readers' (who are all basically blog friends at this point) might want to read.

    Look at it this way, if you were having lunch with a girlfriend today, what new thing would you want to share with her? Talk about that :)

  11. Kay - thanks! I appreciate you sticking around :)

    aricka - I love seeing what you post as well, I think it's great that we are both TP brides. You always find the best things for me, please keep them coming as I still do enjoy seeing the things you send me!

    Guilty - thanks! I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about after my wedding and really just thought I'd get a head start.

  12. Franki - again, thanks for the great advice.

    tam pham - thank you! I hope I can maintain a great fashion blog like yours!

  13. I'll continue reading as well. I didn't even notice that you had switched until I visited your blog to comment on another post, LOL. I think the makeover for the blog looks great, and I love looking at your photos as much as I love reading about your newest fashion finds.

  14. thanks jenna. Glad you are staying as a reader, I enjoy your comments.

  15. Love it! I too just did the same thing, I swear great minds think alike!

  16. Thanks Jenna! glad that the transition wasn't too obvious. I was trying to do a gradual change and I think this was the right time.



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