Karl Bear

9:00 AM

So I think we all have seen the Urban Outfitters Karl Lagerfeld shirt. Cute right?

Well now he's got a bear modeled after him! Ah! Even cuter! It's too cute how much it looks just like him. Who knew that Karl Lagerfeld would look good as a teddy bear.

I love the sketch. I like to imagine it mixed in amongst piles of his sketches of Chanel haute couture dresses.

That reminds me, have you seen the documentary "The Secret World of Haute Couture", where Karl Lagerfeld whips up a sketch in like a minute? It is so cool to watch. The whole documentary is fascinating. If you are intrigued by Haute Couture and the lives of the super wealthy, I highly recommend it. Luckily, you can watch the whole thing on youtube! Here's part 1, you can find the rest here.

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  1. i love the shirt!! it looks japanese, i'd buy 10 and give it to all my friends :)

    ps. thanks for your sweet comments on my blog, each meant so much to me!!

  2. Cupcakes and CashmereAugust 27, 2008 at 10:54 AM

    that shirt is really fun, especially if paired with some black skinny pants and heels. that bear is cute, but i sure would be embarrassed if there was a stuffed animal that was modeled after me!

  3. the t-shirt is en route to my house as we speak. so excited!!!!!!!

  4. Me likey this shirt. I am in total agreeance with cupcake over the bear.

  5. That shirt is seriously gorgeous!



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