Aug 21, 2008

Lam I Am

Awhile back, we inadvertently got the Sundance channel with our DVR/HD/Digital cable package. I don't know why it eventually went away but seriously, we order everything else, why can't you just include it back in? Anyway... I was obsessed with watching all these documentaries on Fashion houses (like Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton) and saw the documentary "Seamless" that followed ten upcoming fashion designers all vying for the CFDA/Vogue Fund that would finance their lines. It was an interesting documentary, I especially loved watching Doo Ri Chung work out of her parent's basement and having them help her sew her designs. It just gave such a good perspective of the state of a struggling designer.

That same year they filmed the documentary was when Derek Lam won the CFDA Emerging Talent Award. I have always loved his collections but never knew that was his big start. His designs are not ground breaking, but I just love the simplistic nature and the craftmanship of the details. Currently, I am in love with his latest Resort collection. He's got a perfect outfit for all occasions.

a frolic in the park on a warm summer's day
on the way to a client meeting
An elegant dinner party at the Fairmont Hotel
And this... well, this is on my current MUST HAVES for the fall. If only I had $2,290. Okay, I'll just put it on my wishlist.

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4th image from shopbop


  1. Cupcakes and CashmereAugust 21, 2008 at 10:24 AM

    i love his work. everything is cut in classic silhouettes, but with a lovely edge. if only the prices weren't so terribly high!

  2. oooh, I love that work outfit, but it would clearly make me look like an Amazon.

  3. I love Derek Lam, could never afford it, but he's a great simplistic designer. I always love your comments because they're incredibly nice.

  4. cupcakes - i know! Wayyy more than I would ever spend on clothes.

    the dutchess - really? I don't know, I think the taller the better for an outfit like this :) I wish I had a little extra height.

    richel - thanks! you are so cute, how could I not comment. just adore your style. :)

  5. Oh man, that last one is to die for!!!

  6. Ahhhh, the dress! If I had this in my walk-in I don't think I'd think of another maxi dress ever.

    I love your blog, would you like to link?

  7. markessaxo - isn't it? I so want it.

    ida - you would look fantastic in that dress! I couldn't imagine anyone else in it. Have added you to my blog list, just adore your blog!


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