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Lookbook: Vested

8:45 AM

Vests are great item for anyone's wardrobe but I don't see many people wear them. I have quite a fondness for them as they can instantly add character to one's outfit. It is a great piece for men as well. J has several vests, sweater vests and dressier vests (and he's wearing one for the wedding!) and he looks fantastic in them.

I could easily pair the vest with a white dress shirt and gray slacks and I'd be ready for the office. I love versatile pieces that I can wear in totally different ways.

What I'm wearing:
Vest: Triple 5 Soul
Tank: Banana Republic
Jeans: True Religion
Shoes: Nina Ricci


I wish I had taken a picture of the back to show you but this vest is a bit different as it is a halter style so it wraps around my neck and the back starts right around the middle of my back so you see my tank top. Hard to explain, but basically looks just like a halter. I like that it gives the back a bit of an edge.

Just saw this picture of Rihanna. I like the casualness of the vest with the entire outfit.

That LV bag is to die for (the black one). I want. I don't know how many times I've looked at that bag at the LV boutique. I just don't think I'd be able to spend $4k on a bag. Even if I had the money. Seems a bit excessive. But hey, if someone wanted to GIVE that bag to me. I'd be all for it. ;)

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  1. I use to hate vests, but recently have become obsessed with them. I only have two black ones, one like yours thats like a halter but ties in the back and one the buttons in the front. I have found that you can take an casual outfit up a notch or throw a collered shirt underneath for work!

    And can I just say how jealous I am of your clothes?

  2. I've been seeing vests everywhere and would totally love to dabble in it too. But new clothing/style frontiers make me nervous...

    What if I don't pull it off right??

    There's one at the Gap that's budget friendly though, so I might start there. Or perhaps a cheapie at F21.

    I need moral support.

  3. Cupcakes and CashmereAugust 13, 2008 at 10:48 AM

    this is such a flattering outfit. i own 3 vests, none of which i've worked up enough courage to wear. i feel as though they highlight the worst part of my arms, but i love how you're wearing this with skinny jeans and pumps.

  4. miss burb - yes, love the versatility! and thank you!

    lrb - you can do it! you can do it! :) you have enough style to know if you are pulling it off right. Start with the cheapie at F21 so that you don't feel so bad if you don't end up liking it. Uust try pairing with a tshirt or tank and some dark skinny jeans and see how you feel.

    cupcakes - ugh, I'm so not a fan of my arms, but I think wearing a vest (hopefully) distracts from the arms as it is a really great accent piece.

  5. I loooooooove vests. I've pretty much loved them all my life. Even when it wasn't in fashion... some people made fun of me. :( I think they're so funky and fun and I feel especially fabulous when I wear a cute vest!

  6. you look gorgeous in your picture - as always of course!

    your post totally reminded me of my pair of true religions sitting in my closet for almost a year, that i have yet to get hemmed :\ eeep.

    are those the cb declics rhianna is wearing in the picture? IM SO IN LOVE with that particular style of CB. i want so bad!

  7. Cute vest! I like to wear mine unbuttoned.

  8. Very cute! I bought a vest the other weekend too. Haven't fully convinced myself of the look yet. But once Fall hits and I see the layering I'll give it a try again. :D Love the fashion blog BTW. Miss all the wedding haps... but I understand that we all must move on. ;)

  9. your look is totally savvy. i agree with you, vest can be worn for the office or spice up for a night out depending on what a gal pair with it. my favorite vest from the past is a versace wrinkle vest with gold buttons. i think i will try to find it in the closet somewhere now.

  10. I has several vest and pants or skirt outfits in high school and I loved them. I just saw some of these outfits this week and can not wait to purchase some to go with my new fall wardrobe. I am loving the new look of the site.

  11. your vest is adorable eh. i have a bag like that! but it's like dying unfortuntely. the straps are about to break because i used them so much.

    ps. THANKS for the headband tip, defintely trying it out soon!

  12. oh. pps. what kind of camera do you use, it creates lovely photographs www.thedailyalygator.blogspot.com

  13. you are so chic looking! Love the vest. And I want to warn you.... the longer you look at that bag, the more "reasonable" $4K will begin to sound. Tread lightly! :)

  14. jessica - i hear ya, I feel fabulous when I wear vests too!

    autumn - thank you! isn't it a pain to get your pants hemmed? I have a pair of AG cords that have been in my closet for 3 months and everytime I look at them I say "I need to get those hemmed."

    Wendy - thank you! And thanks for stopping by! I can't wear this one unbuttoned but will try that with my other vests.

  15. Carlene - thank you! You are too cute so you'll be able to pull it off no problem.

    savvy mode - your vest sounds fab! I want to see it!

    Dana - yay! There's more ppl that like vest than I thought. and thank you!

  16. aly - let me know if the headband trick works for you! I use a Canon 40D.

    franki - ugh you are so right. i must stop looking at that fabulous bag. Somehow I will convince myself to skimp out on parts of my wedding to put towards the bag fund. bad bad! :)

  17. Man I love waistcoats! (That's what we call them over here...)



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