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Lookbook: Working Girl

9:00 AM

I work in the big bad corporate world and I'm in an industry where you don't see much creativity in the way people dress. We don't have a dress code at my company, so I could show up every day in jeans if I wanted to, but you know me, that's not my style.

Dressing professional does not mean sacrificing style. I like to take items that would typically work in a corporate world but add my own twists to it. I adore this tweed dress. It's got cute cap sleeves and the pleating down the front is just the right amount of detail. It looks great on it's own, but it was a bit chillier that day so I put on the cardigan and then wrapped the belt (which came with the dress) around both. The patent Loubs played off the belt, which finished the look. I wore minimal jewelry since the outfit had so much detailing with the belt, the pleating and the buttons on the cardi.

What I'm wearing
Dress: Mango
Cardigan: Express
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
August 11
August 11-2

I've been on this Nicole Richie-esque braiding my hair kick. I've discovered that it is an easy way to keep my hair out of my face. I'm not a ponytail kinda girl so this is my way of pulling my hair back. It's funny that I never thought of it before but I'm liking it now!
August 11 Hair

am not brave enough to try the pull all your hair back look, however Nicole always does it so beautifully.

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  1. Cupcakes and CashmereAugust 19, 2008 at 9:56 AM

    this outfit is spectacular. so simple, but all the details make it really stand out. i love how you belted the cardigan and that dress has the perfect pleating!

  2. Love the braid! I'm gonna have to try it now! :) Tres chic!

    I'm totally a jeans girl at work - at least on some days. But I try to look cute while I'm at it!

  3. You look super hot rockin the braid. I'm loving the entire look. Loving the work look, the belt over the dress AND cardigan, nice!

  4. Ooh, I love this outfit! My industry is the exact opposite as yours, but I'm starting to need more professional, but still stylish, outfits. Your outfits are the perfect inspiration.

    And congrats on the new domain!

  5. cupcakes - thanks! I love the pleating detail of this dress.

    lrb - thanks! yes, try out the braid, it is such an easy way to style your hair.

    I'm the same way. On the days that I wear jeans, I still look better than 90% of the people here. ;)

  6. lizy - thank you! I got your email, will write you back soon! :)

    ro - ah, I wish my industry was a bit more creative but hey, it's one of the ways I stand out. :) I will be posting more "work" outfits as that's what I wear most days anyway.

    and thank you!

  7. cute outfit, but even cuter hairstyle! how do you fasten the braids in the back? tiny elastics or bobby pins? tam needs to know!

  8. tam pham - Thank you! I tucked the braids underneath a layer of hair and used bobby pins to secure them.

  9. super savvy. i would totally wear the same look for myself. i like how you belt an open cardigan over the dress. i agree with you about corp. dress code. Not very creative.

  10. great outfit and your hair is adorable! I wish I could wear Louboutins! my feet are too wide for most designers ...:(

  11. though i love the many outfits you put together, this by far, is my most favorite! its polished with a touch of girly-ness to it. i absolutely love it...down to the hair and tiffany's necklace! :)

  12. Damn, girl, you really are beautiful! That last photo of you is gorgeous!

    I love wearing my hair with the odd braid in it like that too. And that is just the kind of outfit I would *love* to wear at the office, but everyone is so scruffy here that I stand out enough already in my half smart state!

  13. outfit and hair - A+.

    crushing on you,

  14. I've been totally blog-stalking you... love, love your hair! It makes me want to get a digital perm too!

  15. savvymode - thanks! Yes, but I guess not everyone can be like us right? ;)

    love maegan - thank you! aww.. that sucks! but i saw your Guess shoes and they look great!

    autmnmornings - awww thank you! and you have an eye for detail don't you?! That is one of my favorite Tiffany necklaces.

  16. Guilty - I am blushing. So nice of you to say :) How come I just imagine everyone in the UK is dressed impeccably? Is it because whenever I'm in London I tend to stay in the Mayfair area? I know everyone around there dresses beautifully!

    Diabolina - wow! I got an A+ from Diabolina. :doing a little dance:

    chewyj - ooh I feel uber cool that I have a blog stalker! Thanks for coming out and commenting. I appreciate it! Oh and totally recommend the digital perm to anyone. You must get it. It's changed my life. :)

  17. Super cute! I need to get my grandma or mom to braid my hair!!! I love this trend!!!



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