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new shoes make you wanna dance

2:57 PM

I got a request to post my recent shoe deals that I got at Nordstrom Rack and really, they are too beautiful not to share so please indulge me in my latest shoe purchases.

First thing I have to mention is that I have horrible luck at Nordstrom Rack. I usually never find anything good, much less designer so I don't go in there that often. However, there is a Rack two doors away from my nail salon so I decided to drop in for a visit last week after my weekly manicure. Lucky for me, I happened to pick the best day to go as they had just recieved an entire shipment of designer shoes! I mean it was just racks upon racks of Gucci's, Dior's, Nina Ricci's, Alexander McQueen, so much more I can't even remember.

I quickly elbowed the other small asian woman standing in my size 5 aisle and snatched up every single cute shoe in sight. I then went over to the size 6 section and did the same thing. Oh yes, I hoarded all the good shoes but seriously, you should've seen the amount of woman swarming! It was a grab what you can and run kind of moment!

I tried on many a shoe and sadly since most of them were a 5.5 to 6 my feet were just a tad too small to fit. I found the cutest pair of Dior flats and willed myself to be a size 7, thought about adding padding, footpetals but sadly shook my head and gave it up. Don't feel too bad for me though, as my hoarding did lead me to two gorgeous pairs of shoes.

These Nina Ricci's have quite possibly become one of my favorite shoes in my collection.
Guess how much they were originally? $1,050!! no joke. And what did I score them for? $199! oh yea baby, deal of the century.

they are a size 6 so I do flip flop in them a bit but they were too pretty to give up. I've now got a Dr. Scholl's foot gel insert and a footpetal in each shoe so they fit my feet properly.
The 5 inch heel, the bow detail at the back and the texture of the satin, ugh, how could I not?

My second find of the day were these pretty pretty Christian Dior's.

Originally, $540, I got them for $179! Not as good of a deal as the Nina Ricci's but Dior's under $200 are still a good deal right?!
These are a 5 and fit like a dream. I think they will add just the right amount of fun to a little black dress.

I actually got another pair of shoes, but most likely returning them as they are a size too big and am unable to add padding to them. They are darling pink Dior flats. I wish I could keep them but because they are sandals and flats, you can totally tell how much bigger they are for me so I look plain silly. I wish I figured that out in the store but when you're adrenaline is running you just gotta take what you can get!

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  1. oh my gosh. stunning - and what a STEAL! every time i see cute shoes they are size 5 and 6 and i ask, out loud, "who the hell has feet this small???" now i know. it's you. damn you! me and my big feet envy you.

    p.s. just the fact that you can walk, and likely walk graciously, in 5 INCH HEELS is making me wish we were friends so you could teach me...my highest is 4" and i really have to think about not falling...

  2. delish!!! especially love the diors. sex on a stick.

    very jealous. nordy rack in l.a. SUCKS! seriously it's like all hush puppies and shit. f.

  3. Nord Rack sucks in Sacramento too. Bah. I'm sooo jealous of your finds. How cute are those Riccis!?

  4. So glad your feet are smaller than mine! Would to lose a new friend over a fight to the death for the same pair of shoes! :D Jokes!

    Love them both! You scored majorly!

  5. Which Rack did you go to? I never know when to go to find the deals.

  6. Man I am so jealous! I have never even seen a place where you can get greatly-reduced designer shoes, never mind bought any at such great reductions!

  7. ahhhhhhhh so beautiful. thanks for indulging my request.

  8. Kay - heh. I think wearing heels since the 5th grade has helped my case. The heel height just kept on growing and growing and now i'm cursed as I tend to trip over my own feet when I wear flats.

    Diabolina - your comment made me laugh out loud. "hush puppies and shit." omg. too funny!

    Kate - I hear ya, it usually sucks around here too. Just one of those lucky days I guess.

  9. lookrichbitch - i think that's why it will work well together to be shopping buddies. no fighting over shoes is very important in a fashionista friendship ;)

    quan - I went to the Downtown Rack in Seattle. I wish they would send out better notices of when they get their new stuff. I only get notices of stuff that I don't care to look at!

  10. Gulity - it's pretty rare around here too I think! but yea was def. happy about my finds.

    Tam Pham - of course and thanks for the suggestion!

  11. I never find ANYTHING at that downtown rack. I wish I lived in Seattle so I could drop in a little bit more often to find some fab shoes like these though!

  12. jenna - the DT Rack is usually such a overcrowded mess that I don't ever go there. I think it gets picked through really fast. If you are ever in Bellevue, drop by the Factoria Rack!

  13. I almost never find anything at the downtown rack. I work in Bellevue so alot of times I would stop by the Factoria Rack during lunch. I think there's new arrival next Tuesday.

  14. Fabulous finds! Seriously, what Nordstrom Rack did you hit up? In my experience, they are never worth it. Totally agree with Diabolina, I feel like I'm not even in a Nordstrom's presence at the Rack.

  15. Nice design..! I too got the same black shoes from Nordstrom.



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