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Brights, Patterns and a possible DIY

9:00 AM

I, along with many a fashion blogger, have been drooling over the fashions coming out of NY Fashion Week. My pick today is Diane Von Furstenberg. I am really getting into bright colors lately and I am loving her brights mixed with patterns. It takes a bold person to wear this look together but each of the pieces are so pretty.

The runway pics are great, but I'm loving the backstage pictures even more.

When I was little, I had these barrettes that had long ribbons attached to them in all different colors and when my mom let me wear them in my hair, I felt like the prettiest princess in the world. Those headbands that the models are wearing totally remind me of them, but like a grown up version. It's not something that you'd see everyday, but I'm loving them. I might try my hand at a little DIY and see if I can pull it off, I think my version will be a lot less frilly though.

images: style.com

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  1. Cupcakes and CashmereSeptember 12, 2008 at 9:43 AM

    i am ALL about this collection. i love how she pares down really bright things with a simple, brown belt.

  2. I'm totally into the brights and florals right now too! I'm usually always wearing solids because it's so easy... It's hard to find a balance sometimes because you can't necessarily pull off the runway look in real life. I'm working on it. :)

    (And I think I may have had the same hair accessories as you! My mom was big on doin' up my hair. I remember the creme de la creme was when she gave me a side pony tail and braids with beads on the bottom! Ha!)

  3. thanks for coming over to my blog! I called our local courthouse before we got married and they said that I didn't need a local certificate that the one I got in Jamaica would be good and it worked on my ss card etc so I assumed we were good all these years LOL.

    Jamaica is awesome you will have fun and a beautiful wedding. We got married at the Grand Lido Negril Resort in Negril Jamaica...gotta love Superclubs they did an awesome job...then we came back and had a great party...so it was just the 2 of us there which was romantic..

    Make sure to post pics...can't wait to see how gorgeous you look!

  4. I totally remember those barrettes and loved them! I am loving all the fall hair and neck accessories ...LOVING!

  5. dvf has totaly been my fave so far. but i am reserving judgment until i am all caught up.

    i wasn't cool enough to wear those headpieces back then. boo. my mom was not down for anything that smacked of hippie ;)

  6. I would love to see how that comes out if you do make them!

  7. lrb - that sounds HAWT! i think i might try that. haha.

    guilty - if I am successful, I will post about it!



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