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Groom Style: Scruff

9:00 AM

Saw this on The Sartorialist. Love this look. The suit, the tie, the hair. That scruff. Perfection.
J always has a little bit of scruff and although I didn't like it at first, I now find it adorable and couldn't see him without it. The scruff with the suit is irresistible.

Here we are on our way to a friends wedding this weekend. The man looks good. Gotta love weddings so you can get your man to dress up in a suit every now and then.


Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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  1. you both look awesome - such a stylish couple! my gawd!

    and i agree. i like a little bit of scruff...

    oh yeah - yeah digital perm - your hair looks full and great :o)

  2. You both look SO happy! I'd invite you to my wedding - if I ever get married - just to show off. You are so stylish, you know:)))

  3. Ooh baby! I love Dominic Cooper! My man looks better clean-shaven but I think you two are gorgeous!

  4. Ooh that guy from the Sartorialist looks HOT!

    I love how you guys call is scruff. We call it stubble, which sounds so much rougher.

    Baddie always sports the scruff too. I have only seen him clean shaven twice.

  5. I do love the sruff look but find it completely unkissable, and I certainly wouldn't want a rash around the lips on my wedding day.

  6. *kay - thank you!

    ida - if you invited us to your wedding, we'd be there in a heartbeat. No joke. :)

    sleepyjane - thanks!

  7. domestic goddess - you know who that is? Wow, I just thought it was some random hot guy.

    Guilty - i think we call it stubble too, but I just don't use that word. haha.

    dutchess - agreed. when J leaves it a little too long, I hate it. But when it's closer shaven it's not as scratchy.

  8. adore a bit of scruff...on everyone but my mister :)



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