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I'm IT!

11:05 AM

I had no time this weekend to write a proper post so it was perfect timing that I got tagged. Vanessa at MarkessaXO (have you seen her wedding recap yet? if not, go!) tagged me for a fun game so here goes:

4 things I did today:

  • Did my hair and put on a pretty pretty headband this morning.
  • Played with my pups. They are back from the grandparents'! Drove 9 hours to pick them up this weekend.
  • Ordered Thank You cards from Shutterfly.
  • Answered my work emails (still answering them!) and wrote a presentation.
4 things on my to do list:
  • Write my posts for the week (I schedule all my posts, I rarely ever write them the day of the post. except for this one.)
  • Help J's mom update the website for her company.
  • Figure out when/where to go for our honeymoon. We have two fabulous places picked out but I need to make a decision and go with it!
  • Get my dress altered! It had fit perfectly but since I've lost a bit of weight, the dress is now a full size too big. Sad, I didn't want to alter it anymore.
4 of my guiltiest pleasures:
  • stalking all the major dept. store websites for new Louboutins and Choo's to add to my collection.
  • E! news every night at 7pm. When we get home, J just changes it to that channel. Doesn't even bother putting it on anything else.
  • Candy. I love candy. Mostly sour gummy stuff. I'll even eat candy for breakfast.
  • Photography blogs.Wedding photogs, general photogs, fashion photogs . I can look through them for hours.
4 random facts about me:
  • that mole on my cheek did not appear until 5th grade. If you look at my school pictures before then, no mole. Have no clue when exactly it appeared but it's there in my 5th grade picture.
  • I hate bananas. The smell of them makes me gag. They are my most hated food of all foods.
  • I have a young sounding voice. Especially on the phone. At my first job I had to talk on the phone a lot with people I never met in person. I finally met someone in person and the first thing she told me was that she expected me to be about 16 years old because of my voice. I was 23.
  • I grew up with a very stylish mom (still is). I learned everything from her. She's the reason I don't leave the house without makeup and my hair done. She's also got the best stash of vintage and new Chanel and LV bags. All my girlfriends in high school thought I had the coolest mom.
I tag these 4 bloggers:
Since I never have a post without a picture here is one of my favorite pair of Choo's. They rarely make it out as they are a bit too uncomfortable to wear for too long (and that's saying a lot coming from me!) But they are pretty to look at aren't they?
Gold Jimmy Choo

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  1. i loved reading all of these fun facts about you and you've inspired me to create more of a schedule for my posts. i hate scrambling the morning of to get it done before work!

  2. I so share your candy obsession! Its pretty bad, I will fill up on the stuff and lose my appetite for meals!

    Thanks for playing :) It was fun reading your answers.

  3. Oh THOSE SHOES ARE DIVINE!!!! le sigh* damn my big fat feet!

    Thanks for tagging me! fun times!!!

    Oh and the fact that you knew my new bag was MJ is impressive because I didn't state that anywhere! When I saw it online, it didn't do much for me but in person, I just fell in love. The style name is Dr. Q "Lil Riz" but no image has done it justice. The black is almost metallic/grey/blue sometimes. I just love it.

  4. super cute shoes. but then beauty is pain right. i got a pair of silver hardward hermes strappy heels which ring like cow bell whenever i walk.

  5. I also hate bananas. They don't make me gag but I can't stand them. LilB also hates them.

    I live vicariously through your shopping purchases <3

  6. Thanks for the tag!! And those shoes are FLYYY... I love the gold straps.

  7. dana - I can always count on you. You are quite the shoe lover. ;)

    emily - yes, it def. makes life easier when you can take your time to write the posts. I always do so many things with my pictures, it takes so much time that I don't have in the mornings.

    markessa - heck ya! I could eat candy all day long! thanks for picking me!

  8. maegan - thanks for letting me know the style. that color is to die for. I need it for my fall wardrobe.

    savvy - haha, that sounds funny! cow bell? lol! They are hermes so I bet they are beautiful.

    miss burb - i wonder if my child will like bananas? J loves bananas so it will be up to him to feed our kid bananas. I will not be touching them!

  9. rachel - thanks! of course another shoe lover among us. I knew you would appreciate them!

    ro - thank you! the gold straps are what got me.

  10. This is too funny. I have been double tagged. LOL. I will do a double post of both tags tomorrow evening.

    P.S. love the shoes!

  11. oh gosh - these may be in my top 3 of YOUR shoes...and i love all of your shoes! these are to die for. the combine everything i love PLUS they have gold! i (heart) gold. do you recall the name/style of them? (or course you do!) oh gosh. now i will be having dreams of these shoes...seriously.

  12. Those are the steepest heels ever!

    Oh my gosh! You're amazing if you're able to EVER wear them. :)

  13. P.O Bride - I guess we all want to know more about you! Can't wait to read your answers.

    kay - i completely forgot the style but I'll go home and check the box!

    Ashley - they really are not the easiest to walk in but I've worn them to dinner a couple of times!

  14. i heart when he turns to e. without thinking.


  15. and oy vey it hurts to just look at those shoes. they hawt!



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