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Lookbook: Pleated and Pink

9:00 AM

I am going to make some time tonight to write about the wedding ceremony. Am posting this as it was already in my drafts and so you don't miss me. ;) will have ceremony pics and post tomorrow!

I am a sucker for pleating, I just love the way it looks. This top is really easy to dress up or down and because of the flowy fit, I do not have to worry about anything bulging out AKA my "muffin top".

Savvy makes a special appearance in the lookbook! I like that she's yawning in the picture. I imagine she's telling me how bored she is of my pictures.

The jacket is a really great versatile jacket. When it's buttoned up, it looks like a shorty trench coat.

What I'm wearing:
Jacket: Club Monaco
Tank: Club Monaco
Jeans: Taverniti So
Shoes: Jimmy Choo

Here are some more shots of the top.
I like these shots of my hair. The digital perm is still working out for me!

The necklace I'm wearing is this charm from Tiffany & C0. I went crazy when Tiffany's came out with their charms series and bought/was gifted many a charm. Admittedly, most of my jewelry is from Tiffany's, after all I was named after the store! They have every letter of the alphabet, most people that ask me about my necklace don't know that so yes, they do have more than just T's!

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  1. Totally cute and appropriately casual! And your hair is simply gorgeous!

  2. You ARE stylish. I love coming to your blog, it is so tastefully organized I always feel inspired.


  3. Eep! I have the same top in the cream color!


  4. digital perm? what did I miss. just noticed link ...clicking it now :) cute outfit ...I hate skinny jeans precisely for that muffin top ...I wear them but it's just so uncomfortable! cute!

  5. markessa - thank you!

    ida - aww. thanks! coming from you, I take it as a huge compliment!

    lrb - fun! i wish I had seen it in cream.

    tam - thank you!

    maegan - oh yes, you must've missed the big digital perm change! My hair is pretty much the same, just curly. I didn't have any (noticeable) damage. It's a bit drier than before, but that was good for me as I used to be a greaseball after a day of not washing my hair.

    I hear ya about how the skinny jeans do that. it's their only drawback.

  6. i love Tiffany's jewelry and own a few..just recently was given a new pair of earrings for my anniversary



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