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Lookbook: Tiffiti

9:00 AM

I have a serious collection of blazers. There are just so many ways to wear them. This white one is one of my favorites. It's a silk/satin material and is super comfortable. I bought it ages ago on a trip to LA with one of my best girlies and it's the one thing out of the major shopping we did that I have not donated or given away.

What I'm Wearing:
Blazer: ??
Top: Forever 21
Jeans: Diesel
Shoes: Report Signature

I did the hair braid thing again but this time I didn't pin it back. Didn't need it to look too structured for the weekend, you know. Just let it flow into my hair.

You previously saw this outfit when I kicked J in the head :) I love the grafitti wall so thought I'd post some as my "Urban" lookbook pics. ha.

J makes fun of my cheesy grin so I try to mix things up and make funny faces. I read somewhere that the Olsen Twins say the word "prune" when they get their picture taken. Makes sense to me, how else do they get those perfect pouty lips.

I tried that technique and this is what I looked like. Hmm... need more practice.

About this collage; apparently J didn't think it was "urban" enough. I opened my email to find my collage had been tampered with and then renamed to "Tiffiti".

Oh the things he does. Makes me laugh.

images by my husband (oooh I said husband! I feel special!)
Ashley Olsen via PopSugar

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  1. I'm totally gonna try that "prune" thing... lol

  2. omg...Prune...totally works! ahahah....and Tiffiti?!?!? hilarious...cute outfit...and yes, I do have that top in black :) I almost got the grey ...and really, I just wish I got both! I can't wait to start bringin' out the blazers ...it's still a bit warm but SOON!

  3. i'm so sick of seeing bloggers do the prune face...your smile (in addition to your amazing style) is seriously what sets you apart!

  4. Umm.. Okay.. You're going to be my source for blazers now. I'm the WORST at picking out cute blazers!

    I can't seem to see the vision when it's on the rack. Help me!

  5. amyjean - haha try it out. I for one just can't pull it off w/o looking ridiculous.

    maegan - i should've gotten it in black! I have this thing for striped tops. I don't even know how many gray/white stripe tops I have but they are the perfect thing to wear underneath everything.

    emily - heh. I know what you mean. It's like one girl started it and then it became the way to pose on your blog. I can't pull the "F you, I don't care look" without looking silly. Smiling works for me.

    LRB - oh man! you are missing out! We'll need to go on a blazer mission soon.

  6. you look great as always...love the pics...and the outfit...the prune smile...wow I will try it!

  7. i love these photos. you make graffiti look adorable!! how???

    can i get jumped into your gang? does the hazing involve braiding hair???

  8. i going to try to braid my hair this weekend in honor of you :-).

  9. Rachel - I feel like I revealed the secret behind the prune smile! hahaha!

    Diabolina - LOL!!! I had to read your comment outloud to J. Too funny. My kind of hazing def. involves braiding hair and walking on really high heels.

    tam pham - fun! post a pic for us to see!!

  10. oh i adore this look!! a blazer can definitely make an outfit!

    oh and your photos are fantastic!


  11. Cute outfit and I'm loving the hair! Your blog looks so good. I recently did the 3 column thing, but your margins, pictures, and everything looks great. I'm jealous!

  12. sooo cute! hey, what kind of camera do you shoot with? it looks like a canon but what model? i'm thinking of upgrading (again!)

  13. this is so funny to me because a few weeks ago some of my friends were visiting me and the one told me about the olsen twins and their PRUNE trick. so we have a ton of pics of us making PRUNE faces. SO FUNNY!



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